My New Can-Am Spyder F3 S


Hello Everyone Newbie Here!

My F3 S Will Be Delivered Tomorrow!

I've already purchased alot of mods for it. I live in Atlanta and have no idea where to take it for the modifications. Is it frowned upon to ask the dealership to add the after market mods? Doe's anyone have any recommendations on where I should start to look for installation? Most of it is electrical. I already know it's probably going to cost.

Thanks for your help.

My New Can-Am Spyder F3 S

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  1. Which mods I’ve done all mine myself tools are the key I would buy from dealer service Dept

  2. Now plus a few more light mods

  3. Most dealers don’t mind installing most add-onsu2026 They charge you an hourly rate which cost them nothingufffcufffc. They’re not responsible for wrong sizes/wrong ordersufffc

  4. Welcome from Washington State

  5. Depending what you’re installing have installed all my electrical mods and most everything is plug and play. You tube and google can be your best friend.

  6. Did you buy the F3 or the F3 S ?

  7. Definitely gonna want a talker windshield.

  8. Welcome from Galena OH

  9. Hello from Wisconsin.

  10. Take it to Lamonster Garage in Nixa, MO.

  11. Hi Michael! congrats from Suwanee. I’m not sure which dealer you purchased from but MMS only has 1 certified tech at the Buford location. I would follow the auto installer suggestion, not because of lack of skill but because of back log on the tech. Cheers!

  12. Welcome Brian. Many dealers install and stock our parts from our shop Lamonster Garage.

  13. Congratulations and Welcome from Virginia! ­čÖé

  14. Welcome from fabulous Las Vegas

  15. I had the dealership add after market parts to my other bike. The charged labor , but that’s it

  16. my dealer does anything electrical, I do the rest

  17. I bet my dealer would just charge labor too. They said I can carry in my own tires and they will change them out.

  18. Welcome from Charleston,SC

  19. Welcome from North Carolina

  20. Mountain Motorsports Conyers have the best Mechanics

  21. Go to Extreme Propulsion in Cartersville, they can do what you need, including fixing Mtn Motorsports work.

  22. Congratulations and welcome from South Dakota!

  23. Installing all that won’t increase value one thing you should know.

  24. Nothing increases or maintains value on motorcycles

  25. My dealer added an aftermarket docking station and just charged me for the labor.

  26. Congrats
    .nice bike

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