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Just got back from deals gap with my new to me cbr600rr. Love the bike but having a problem that I hope someone can help me with. When trying to ride with rpms up in the powerband the bike is not smooth at all on and off the gas. Very Jerky(bucking) . Almost like someone is toggling the kill switch on and off. Making for some very sketch corner enterees and mid corner Throttle roll on’s. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  1. Bike is a 2008 with 22k on it. Also it’s all stock expept for a slip on. Also chain is adjusted properly and only seems to happen above 5.5k rpms it’s smooth as butter down below 5k rpms.

  2. sounds like engine braking

  3. I’m not talking about the engine braking I’m talking about the abrupt on and off of the Throttle.

  4. have you changed the plugs and air filter ? are you running 93 fuel

  5. Haven’t changed anything. Run 93 always.

  6. I’d at least check the plugs and filter

  7. Maybe secondary injectors, if it is above 5.5k rpms… dunno, just something else to think on

  8. Some people have experience sketchy on/off throttle response with the 07/08’s. I never did but tuning may be the way to go. Also the throttle position sensor may need to be adjusted or reset.

  9. Is there a certain procedure for adjusting to the the tps. I was already thinking about going with a power commander and tune.

  10. Where the sensor is located there are 2 Allen screws. 1 hole on the sensor is slightly larger giving very slight adjustment. Re-setting it is basically unhooking it and turning it completely from open to closed.

  11. Do not run 93 fuel. You can but regular is what it is tuned for (download the manual). You might need to clean out your throttle bodies but that’s about all the help I can advise without seeing it in person.

  12. I’ll try and get a video of it in a few minutes on my lunch

  13. When this was happening to me on my 07 it was the kick stand killswitch. It would cut my engine off if it thought the kickstand was down. So usually in the middle of a corner I would loose all power until I straighted it out.

  14. I know you said its stock but is there a power commander or bazzaz?

  15. I bought mine, didn’t even make it home before it started bogging down on me ( 05 cbr600rr) lo MG story short someone tried to line the tank them selves and it didn’t stick. You might pop off the tank and clean it, the fuel pump/strain aswell.
    Also check the ignition relay.
    Oooo maybe look at your tip sensor

  16. Tune up or throttle control.

  17. I had the same issue on my track bike. Flashed my ECU and it was smoorh as butter. Bauce racing.

  18. Always use premium fuel

  19. No power commander. I don’t want to sound cooky but it’s not me. This isn’t my first bike. Ive ha a 01 f4i, 04 600rr, 08 1k rr and many dirt bikes and quads jet skis ect. I know Smooth is fast and I feel very unstable with it doing this. I’ve never had this problem on any other bike . All were very smooth transition on and off the gas. I was thinking kick stand switch but it only happens when I close and open the Throttle. It’s like when I back off the Throttle enough to where the drivetrain is no longer under a load and you are just trying to hold that momentum boom the bike acts like you shut it off until you start to accelerate than its like you turned the ign back on. No Bogging no misfire just feels like you are toggling the kill switch. I’m not even closing the Throttle all the way most of the time. Just backing off the gas.

  20. My 07 did exactly this! I had the 16k service done and its like a brand new bike! i highly recommend getting a tune up

  21. Sounds like you could use a tune-up.. Plugs, fluid flush, air filter, etc.. If the bike is new to you, you have no idea what the previous owner did or did not do.. Check your throttle cable for slack, etc.. If you’re riding the bike hard, I also recommend an ECU flash.. Have your off-throttle in-gear RPMs raised from the stock 1200 to between 1800-2000 to lessen the jerkiness of the engine braking..

  22. I heard this about quite a few 07 and up bikes. Ive ever ridden one with the same issue. Sucks riding curves when you dont know if you are going to go off throttle and lurch or be fine going back into the gas.

    • Exactly which is why I need this figured out. I’d like to do track days next year but I wouldnt bother setting it up until this is fixed.

  23. First at 22k you need a tune up and valve check if it hasn’t been done yet. Tuning can be part of the problem but a good tune up needs to come first then diagnose from there.

  24. Tune up …smog removal ….pcm map and you be good got a 06 600rr now my problems are fone smooth as helll

  25. Tune up.. check spark plugs and coil. And if I have pcv possible bad map

  26. Video of whats its doing n il tell u if it operator or mechanical

    • It’s not operator I’m not even backing off the Throttle all the way. Just backing off to enter a corner. I can hold it at a time certain point sometimes and it will kick in and out without moving my wrist. And it will do it for several seconds at a time.

  27. Maybe next time I’m up that way I can hop on it real quick to see if it’s the same engine braking I see on my 08 600rr.. these things do feel a little more jerky than any other bike I’ve been on

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