My Giant Defy has claris 2 X 8


Quick questions my Giant Defy has claris 2 X 8 if I changed the levers to 105 2 X 10 and the rear derailer to a 105 10 speed would this work? Could I just change the cassette rear derailer and the levers? I already use a 105 chainset

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Answers ( No )

  1. Need to change the chain and cassette and front chainrings too and to be honest you could possibly get away with using the same front derailleur but you might aswell upgrade that too. Look on eBay and you'll probably be able to pick up a slightly used 10 or 11speed full groupset for relatively cheap

  2. Think you would need 10speed cassette

  3. What's your budget?

  4. Budget about £80

  5. I already changed the front chainset to a 105

  6. Rear cassette needs to to be 10 speed

  7. You will definitely need Chain and cassette still aswell as the rear derailleur and shifters. If the budget is low you can forget the front derailleur for the time being but you will want to upgrade this inline with the rest once funds allow

  8. If the Claris is good condition should be able to sell the shifters as a pair for £40-55

  9. The hub on your rear wheel would need to be changed in order to accept a 10 speed cassette. You won't need to change the front chainrings as someone else mentioned. As you mention, you will of course need new shifters, rear derailleur and 10 speed chain.

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