MT-09 Exhaust Recommendation


Hi guys i am looking 4 a nice sounding full system gp style 4 around 600 dobs r the black widow any good would love the aka but only just got away with buying a nother bike and like my gonads so any idea would be great cheers

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  1. you can get a used Akra for less than that and lose far less on resale when you’re done with it.



  4. wow cheers bud what did u click in ebay i must b looking all the wrong sites

  5. just search for MT09 Akrapovic. As Rees helped me when i was searching… you dont need a Tracer Akrapovic if its that style in the links… the standard MT09 one fits.

  6. Also, try searching MT09 exhaust. Bear in mind that the original system is a single piece, so any slip on cam is going to require you cutting the original off first. The carbon AKRA will need the centre stand removing for it to fit.

  7. does the aka sound the gonads as i love the sound and so called 3 bhp of the black widow

  8. James – buy Carl’s Yoshi and swap it for my Ti Akra

  9. you’re buying alot higher quality product with the Akra than the black widow id say. It’s the resale value that made me do a buy. Think of the resale on the Black Widow compared to a like new looking Akra. An item only costs you the difference between the purchase and resale price at the end of the day oh, and the akra’s are in alot higher demand

    • i keep trying to tell the wife this lol but after making a loss of 2k in a year on my ktm due to have to buying fast for a europe adventure

    • I know, they don’t get it ??. Its the same with everything. As long as you know the market n you’re not payin over the odds, look after stuff n dont keep it too long, you’re fine.

  10. I have a scorpion easy to get the baffle in/out and sounds fantastic

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