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I want to gets people’s opinion on something. Motorcycles parking in “no parking” spots or the striped area in the handicap zones. IMO, I don’t really care for it; I think it gives other bikers a bad name. Pictured below is what brought this about. I work maint at my job and we cleared this area to be a walkway for employees on break etc. then I go out this morning and this outstanding individual decided he was better than his fellow coworkers.

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  1. Maybe setup a bike only parking area, usually is a spot cages can’t use

  2. Have it towed. Lesson given!!

  3. It’s Bullshit. Non-debateable. The sections with the lines are there to give adequate clearance for handicapped vehicle’s passengers to enter and exit the vehicle.

  4. Tow truck

  5. Tow the fucking thing. That’ll learn him.

  6. The striped area adjacent to disabled spots are there for a reason, that it absolutely unacceptable. This guy here obviously knows the purpose this spot was cleared for, so again unacceptable. Put the thing in a parking spot.

  7. Why be a dick and have it towed? If the dude works there tell him to go move it and what the space is for and don’t park there again or they could tow your bike. Simple communication… Hey bro you need to move your bike that area is for employees to use on break. If he is a dick then tow it.

    • I was on my way out for the day so whatever; just annoyed me

      • Yeah I hear ya… Some people’s kid’s. He was probably late for work and picked the closest spot to the time clock.

      • Nothing torward you john you were just asking opinions everyone wants to be assholes an be complete dicks. About 75% will be an asshole just because it’s a sportbike. If it was a big Harley or a big bagger nothing would get said.. just my opinion. Lol I am I’m also guilty for parking in the Striped spots at Walmart but that’s normally just because people don’t pay attention and they don’t care a bit to slam their door into the side of your bike..

        • David, like I said, opinions. I’d say something if it were a big Harley too. But I hear ya

          • I am not sure about where you are but in AZ and when I was in TX the Walmarts (and most grocery/retail stores) let you park your motorcycle up front next to the building near the bicycle lockup area so you don’t have to be out in the regular parking areas. Just a note. And thought here. And for the douche bag that parked in a known employee break area… You get 1 warning picture of bike taken with warning notice on the bike. And if you park there again it gets towed at your expense … That is all…

          • Wish my company cared that much; we were just trying to do something helpful for the employees

  8. I park mine there at Wal-Mart. Does not block access to any traffic at all. And i dont have to dodge shopping carts lazy ass people leave out. Camt lock my bike either from walmartians tearing it up and stealing, or vandalizimg it. Hate me all you want

  9. I can see the stripes at the end of a row, but never in the blue stripes of a handicapped spot. Those are there for a reason… wheelchair access.

  10. At Wal-Mart I park by the garden section or near where the carts are wrangler into the building and never have had a problem.

  11. Like what Kevin said above. Why???? because folks dont look. I have had a bike hit and dumped over twice by parking in “regular” spots by oblivious folks. The last one was on camera… person hit the bike, tipped it over, then backed up and parked 3 spots down. never reported it, never tried to pick up, never a note. It laid there and bled fluids till I came out 30 min later. Also at work… Parking is in short supply. I have folks leaving me notes on the bike saying why am i using a “car” spot. So…… I fit my bike where I can where it is safe and does not bloke other things. Never a handicap spot , and never what was pictured above…

    • This is how I see it…
      How many times have you been in a crowded lot, found a spot, only to find a VW, Mini Cooper, etc. hiding in it behind a larger vehicle? Probably a lot. This is probably why many bikes are parked “creatively”. I ALWAYS park at the end of the space and NEVER pull all the way in. I want my bike seen so some tool doesn’t speed into what he thinks is an empty spot and cream my ride.

  12. Maybe if he came out and found that employees on break now had a nice place to sit, or to set down their sticky drink cups. Maybe if one was writing a note and using his gas tank for a desk? The best way to encourage change is to make it the other guy’s idea!

  13. My work would put a lock on it and note to come and spek with the director if a bike is park in areas not suppose to.

  14. There are differences. Many parking lots have huge swatches of striped area for no reason. The Walmart in Everett is a great example. I park on the stripes area all the time there.

    But this guy was clearly parking in a spot that had been purposely blocked off. Give him a ticket.

  15. I don’t like how this person used up area for others. Very rude …. not right at all they need to move. As for parking in those strip areas in parking lots. I asked a policeman about it at a restaurant located in a Wal-Mart center were a couple of bikes were parked like that. He said they generally do not ticket or have them towed. It is not a good idea to park in those areas if you get hit or interfere with emergency calls or block a handicap that is another story. He said park in a proper spot. Some store are now making motorcycle parking areas.

  16. How the prick. If there is bike parking I use it if there is not then I park in The same location a car can. I don’t like dipshits that think they can park anyplace because that are on a bike.

  17. Thanks for all the input. I’m used to riding by my self so I’m not used the the whole motorcycle community or etiquette thing. I personally don’t care for it but it’s nice to hear everyone’s thoughts.

  18. I used to work at a local hospital and I was not allowed to park my bike in a regular space. Could only park in a very limited area. Only in spaces that had a light post in them

  19. Personally, I don’t do it. The “zebra lanes” are there for a reason. As far as not being seen in a designated space, I park closer to the lane of traffic. I.e. the entrance to the space.

  20. I work for the Denver Accessible Parking Program. That is illegal and subject to a fine. Check the ADA website.

  21. Not an official no parking spot, just something we threw up for employees.

  22. John Guth this proves one thing. You never know what folks are passionate about. Great discussion. Keep the shiny side up.

  23. instead of cones in what looks like a regular parking spot, how about marking it as Employee Walkway No Parking in red. Just a thought.

  24. Putting cones in a parking space to make it a walkway does not negate the parking space. Line it, put up a No Parking Sign, mark it as a walkway


    I think all companies should have motorcycle parking

  25. Bring in engineers, measure and tape of haz mat cause vapor in the air Get a a detail cop to direct traffic Yellow flashing lights Get a bottle of Jack and a six pack and a bat with a lawn chair to slap common courtesy into the stupid fuck who tries to park there! G M A F B!

  26. Absolutely no parking in a handicap zone. No no never.

  27. I bet that douche reads the the sign right lane closed ahead and stays in the the right lane till they almost hit the cones or barrels if not slamming on the brakes

  28. I agree with you. Around Wal-Mart’s and some other sites let us park our bikes on the concrete by the building. The pavement gets soft and they don’t like repairing the holes. Lol

  29. I usually park where ever I deem appropriate. And if someone disagrees with my choice they are very welcome to discuss it with me.

  30. It is illegal to park in the yellow stripes in the handicap area. That is there so they will have room to manuver.

  31. I was auctuly thinking this same thing last week. There was a motorcycle parked right next to a fire hydrant at the local Wal-Mart in an obvious no parking zone. Drove me nuts. I always park in a normal parking space unless there is designated motorcycle only parking.


    The thing is that this dude is no stranger to this place. From the OP, it seems that he is an employee as well so he very well knows that spot is not supposed to be used. He parked dead smack in the middle too.


    Generally I park in spots on accessible to bikes…I do think park in parking spots because people will damage your bike. Seen it happen to many times…I try to keep out the way.

    • Yup. That’s why I said before: I ALWAYS park at the end of the space and NEVER pull all the way in. I want my bike seen so some tool doesn’t speed into what he thinks is an empty spot and cream my ride.

  32. Stiped areas in lots I’m fine with, striped in between handicap spots is a no go, that’s for their ramps. Emergency lanes are off limits too.

  33. The hash marks are not “motorcycle parking”, they’re blocked off areas for vans to unload wheelchairs and power chairs and the like. They need that space. Hash marks in the back of parking lots are generally there to provide space for motorists to turn. But they may be “used” to turning INTO the hash marks. It’s a bit risky. In high school I worked at a theme park, and we had several bikes hit parked in the hash marks. People were used to making the turn and did, right into a parked motorcycle. Not to mention parking in the fire zones. If something happens, RIP your bike! Some time ago, there was a sportbike parked in the red “fire lane” next to a building (where the water hookups for the fire engine were). Fire alarm went off, and a big red fire truck pulled right into that red fire lane. Turns out a 30 ton fire engine barely even slows down when it plows down a sportbike and sends it careening down the parking lot. The worst part? Turned out to be a false alarm. And no, the fire department is not paying for that bike. There’s whole Facebook pages dedicated to cars and motorcycles that have been rammed, smashed, or windows busted by firefighters because they parked illegally, and there isn’t time to wait for a tow truck.

  34. I show more respect for the gum that’s stuck to the bottom of my shoe than I do for people that park motorcycles in these areas

  35. Sounds like a lot of venting going on in this status to me. It’s common practice to park in stripped zones like a target, Wal-Mart, Menard’s, home depot, etc. Everyone does it and no one gives it a second thought. Cops would rather us park somewhere out of the way and save space for bigger rides than take up all the room just for a little bike. Asked a few officers many times it’s no big deal at all. As for the cones you should use more since they didn’t get that particular hint.

  36. I have never seen A bike parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot. They are always parked in striped areas. I think people here are not being honest. You all do it, stop trying to sound all law abiding and honest.

  37. I don’t mind if one parks like in Uriel Benavidez post, if it saves another parking spot for a car. I get concerned that drivers will abuse my bike if their are no other spots. But parking in walkways or parking in or near the exit for purpose of being lazy, no I don’t like in the least bit.

  38. at work.. put a sticker on it– says it will be towed next time. do so if they do it again. and out in general call and report any one that uses the striped area. I ticket my change there mind.. Saw a car get towed at Lowes over a Handicap spot.. no mirror or plate tag took all of 3 min’s for the guy to get it.

  39. If it specifically says no parking or has cones up like the pic I won’t park there, but when it comes to the striped lines, or up on the sidewalk right up against the building like Wal-Mart, then I’ll park there, as long as my bike doesn’t hinder any cars or get in the way at all. I don’t want anything to “mistakenly” hit my bike of any kind of “accident” happen! And besides 9 times out of 10 there’s video surveillance on most buildings the closer u get to it!

  40. I park my bike in handicapped parking spots because I am disabled. I have the handicapped sticker on my licence plate. I get strange looks sometimes, but just because you can walk dosent mean you don’t have physical issues. Some days are worse than others.

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