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Ok so for real this time what do you people do when camping in areas where some questionable animals are present. For example a vacuum sealable bag for anything that may have a good smell? Noise? pepper spray? Any suggestions would be great

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  1. Tie the food and toiletries up in a tree with the parachord, unroll the bag lay that Smith and Wesson Magnum on my chest and sleep like a baby. Have done it for years whether MC camping or hiking and flyfishing from Colorado to Montana. I have had raccoons, skunks and possums in the camp even woke one morning to Black Bear tracks in the mud at the turn in not 20 yards from me. They don’t bother me and they don’t get 260 grains of pain. I Still do this and sleep like a baby. This may sound silly but piss on every tree you can it marks your territory.

  2. Place all scented items in an opsack bag, place that in a bear bag, and hang from limb 12 feet up and 10 feet out 200 feet from camp. Using a brightly colored bear bag helps with locating it in the morning. Other alternatives are a ursak bag or a bear canister.

  3. Cook and store your food at least a 100 feet from where you sleep. Bear spray is a good idea and I’m always armed.

  4. You have a bigger chance of an accidental shooting than being attacked by a bear.

  5. All you folks who think you’re protected with a handgun when freaked out by a bear in the middle of the night while asleep in your tent aren’t the brightest bunch. What works: Bring a baby jar or similar filled with ammonia. Take the lid off during the night by your food. Nothing will come near it. If really worried bring another and place it close to your tent.

  6. You can get whistles and pepper spray for black bears but brown bears and Grizzles not so effective. You can tell what kind of bears you have in your area by investigating there scatt, black bears will have berries,seeds grasses and such in there scatt, however browns and Grizzles will be full of bear whistles pepper spray and other assorted camping implements.

  7. Bear bag. And don’t mix your food and sleeping gear.

  8. Motel 6 they will leave the lights on for you ????

  9. Don’t sleep wearing the clothes you wore while cooking / eating

  10. I think I’m going to try a reel with heavy fishing line to snap on a pole and hang things from a tree hoping the squirrels can’t get down the fishing line, if they can I’ll try a slinky and have a good time????

  11. I live in the City of Toronto. We regularly have squirrels, raccoons, coyotes in our yards, parks, streets. Rats, mice, voles. Sometimes, deer, rabbits, on the outskirts, an occasional bear. If I am in the woods, cooler with weights, or lock in vehicle. On a bike or backpacking, hang in tree.

  12. Bears can smell the chilli INSIDE THE CAN!

  13. In grizzle country take it very serious, black bear serious.:)

  14. I have an alarm on my bike with a panic switch for noise, pepper spray, and a Sig 250c (as last resort)….

  15. The only animals I worry about are the ones that walk around on 2 feet… Lol

  16. In bear country you better be hanging your food in a tree…get 40 feet of paracord and string those goodies at least 15 to 20 feet up in a sealed bag….\nAnything less and your asking for trouble….\nBe bear aware or be bear food…..

  17. Don’t eat or take food in side your tent or eat near it. Eat will lead animals to your sleep area.

  18. I just hug them till that go to sleep

  19. I looked into camping in Canada last year.I was a bit put off when I read that the campground I was planning on staying at had two different campgrounds; one for hard sided and one for soft sided, the soft sided–ie. tents, pop up tent trailers, and the like were put behind an electrified fence.didn’t even laugh about that. All of the National Parks that I have stayed at have bear boxs for your food and smelly stuff.

  20. Bear bag. And there are Op Saks (a brand) of odor proof plastic bags to decrease the odds of scent attracting critters. Remember that not just food, but toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo can all smell enticing to the critters we’re sharing the woods with.

  21. Well closest we get is Fox or Badger, at one site a family left everything out in the tent they came back to find ll ettend sleeping vags ripped it shredds fox had got through the side of the tent !!!\nAt end of day no matter what country, good food disposal and hygiene, is paramount.\nIf you libve in a area where wild animals are then the correct proceduure would be well advised and hopefully in common practic for locals visiting and Animals protection.

  22. Pray…..keep food away from where you sleep.

  23. Don’t keep anything that has a smell in or near your tent…..and your bike for that matter. Many parks there provide bear proof boxes for campers. They are placed throughout the campground, and you have to ask the location of them when you check in.

  24. When we rode to Alaska tent camping we brought on of those air horns with a canister to bring into the tent at night never used ……but you never know.

  25. Bear bag… in a tree

  26. Or a bear canister… while these are a complete pain in the ass while hiking. It’s a good way to store food on your bike.

  27. Couldn’t find your post to like and lol Sarah Pacurai…loveyagurl!!

  28. Get drunk before bed. Pass out. You won’t even care if a bear gets you in the middle of the night. If you wake up, you won. If not, you won’t care

  29. Hopefully these are helpful

  30. Bring a slower friend

  31. its getting harder to find Slower friends ­čÖé

  32. Ammonia. Soaked cotton. Balls or cut up dish sponge soaked put in zip lock bag or jar to deter critters. Scatter around tent or food container .

  33. The only questionable animals are two leggers, you know, humans. The other animals are going to stay away from us unless we do something stupid to or near them.

  34. Raccoons, highly questionable. Just look at their evil grins and those beety little eyes hiding behind those robber masks!

  35. A lantern a fire a gun

  36. M-80s and a wrist rocket?????

  37. Or just a bigger set of balls.

  38. as soon as u camp light a fire. and eat away from the tent and dispose your left over properly and at a safe distance. do not carry any food material in the tent. keep a whistle handy with u, if in night u feel some wild animal is there start blowing ur whistle.

  39. Bear spray????

  40. Don’t put your food near where you sleep!

  41. I always camp with my personal weapon. To ward of ALL unwanted animals.

  42. Laying in a lean to as we speak \nThe Delaware River is right out front\nI’m the only one on this road\nHearing lots of noises n have my Tin coffee cup kinda rigged so if something to big comes in I’ll hear it\nIn the meanwhile, something big is banging around out there.\nNo weapons allowed on sight..\nI have my knife ready

  43. I read somewhere that more folks are injured by moose than bear.

  44. I’ve heard that those plastic dog feces bags block scent pretty well; wrap your food up and then toss it into the poop bag.

  45. Watch the movie about the couple who went camping and the guy was eaten, great motivation

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