Motorcycle Camping in CA State Parks


Here’s what sucks about camping in CA state parks. The first motorcycle is “free”, and the second “vehicle” is charged an additional 10.00 a night for “parking”. Never mind that both bikes fit in one car parking spot, you can’t use that logic when dealing with state employees. They say they have been instructed that if the vehicle has a license plate, it’s considered a separate vehicle.

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  1. still cheeper then KOA

  2. Tow it in with a rope and call it a trailer

  3. Take the plate off.

  4. Don’t go to state parks. Go to national campgrounds instead.

  5. Park the bikes on two separate campsites.

  6. It’s not the state employees fault, it’s the states rules that they are enforcing, if you have a problem take it up with person who wrote the rule

    • Not necessarily. I’ve gone to parks and have been able to convince the employees to seen reason and they then allowed the second motorcycle, without charge. Other employees have just refused to listen to reason and have chosen not to use their discretion. Typical government workers.

  7. Uh, just take two spots then.

  8. Just got my first bike this year and plan on starting motorcycle camping next year. Post like this is why I plan to always stealth camp.

  9. Avoid left coast

  10. Most of the camp hosts hate this rule too. I was told that they are supposed to charge for the second bike in a site BUT that parking at the main lot was free for motorcycles. Guy looked both ways then said as far as he was concerned that was where my buddy was parked for the night.

  11. Well it’s Taxafornia, what do you expect, I imagined the host get tired of people giving them guff over the states rules. Take it up with the state

  12. Someone has to pay for all the benefits for those illegal aliens

  13. My wife tells me people don’t care about your problems, so quit telling them, she told me that one when I was bitchen to the toll booth guy about how it was costing me 50 cents a mile to drive through Illinois with my camper, 100 miles, $50 ?

  14. Split the cost! $5 per bike ain’t bad!

  15. I usually use my own parking spot anywhere. Deserve it!

  16. Dude…it’s only $10. It is what it is. Research the campgrounds before you travel so you know up front who charges what for what.

  17. It’s 10 bucks, to camp in the most beautiful state in the country.

  18. Simple. Dont camp in CA.

  19. Don’t tell him you’re together

  20. Its only 10 bucks,,Grumble to your self on the inside and smile on the outside…I try to not make bikers look like the cheapest form of life on the earth.

  21. Try the 2 wheels 1/2 price argument. Sometimes they’ll respond to that. And try calling ahead to speak to a supervisor.

  22. We are camping this weekend at El Capitan State Beach in Ca and fees were $94 for 2 nites. Another bummer here is their camping rules are that “no vehicles off pavement, all wheels/tires must stay on pavement”. Pulling a Bunkhouse camper, kinda makes it hard to put tent stakes in pavement.

    • Gotta love government and their rules

    • Texan moving to California, gotta hurt a little

    • Goddam right! Bought a house here 3 yrs ago, same time my bro in Houston bought a house. My downpayment was more than his whole house! And he was in a gated community on a golf course!

    • I’ve just retired and moving from Naples Florida to the Georgia mountains, oh it’s so much cheaper here and I can either ride my bike to the twisty in a 1/4 mile or take my dualsport 2 miles in to the woods or state forest and no state sticker required

    • We are retiring next year, looking to move back to Texas or maybe New Mexico, can’t afford to live here if we’re not working. Small 1 bdrm condos start at $400K here, std 3-2-2 homes rent at $3200/mo. Like the parks, we are paying for location!

  23. I watched a guy with a brand new $40,000 harley trike complaining about a 6 dollar vehicle fee a few days ago, if he can’t afford to camp with his harley maybe he should just stick to cruising in his mercedes

  24. It’s all about location, the better the state park the more it will be, I stayed in Missouri for $20 a night with a 40’ rv this year.

  25. We visited the Yorktown in Charleston, SC during the eclipse weekend. The cost was $5 per car. We had 8 bikes. We told them we can get all 8 in 2 spots and without an issue only charged us for 2 spots. Some people get it, others don’t.

  26. They’re State employees….immune to logic.

  27. I find it interesting that many can kick out tens of thousands of dollars for a bike, yet can’t afford to camp

  28. Back in 1976 I Was in Canada With three other bikes and We Were Charged for each Bike In One Spot Fore three Other Parking Spots, They would Not Let Us Park In Our Own spot Spot But Made Us Cram Into One Spot! So This Has Been going On not just in CA. But other country’s all so, just won’t the money!

  29. i paid $20 a night at burlingame camp ground in Rhode island for this setup

  30. Camp grounds don’t care for them selves, wow 10 bucks, get over it,

  31. Welcome to the money grabing state. We got to support Illegal aliens some how

  32. When I pull up for a fuel stop and put 20 gallons of gas in my pickup, 3 gallons of gas in my bike and 350 gallons of fuel in my coach, I guess the 6 dollars or 10 dollar sticker doesn’t matter, it’s all part of the cost of being on the road

  33. Take off the license plate. They will really get confused.
    Thats for parking the vehicle, camping fee is different.

  34. When I pull in I get parking permits for all 3 vehicles, the coach, the truck and the bike, it’s just part of the cost of being on the road

  35. Remove the plate from the second bike before entering the park.

  36. Bankrupt California finds a way to collect more fees, go figure

  37. It’s this way at most state parks it makes logical sense to me.

  38. It is rather obvious the person who dreamed up that rule doesn’t believe motorcycles exist. The rule was intended to cover the expense of maintaining roads and campsites based on the weight of the assumed car, truck or RV and the six occupants. DUH!

  39. I find that it’s a fact of life some people like rules, and simply love bullying people around with their rules. “You can’t do this and you can’t do that”. Your best defense is to leave your bike out the front and ask their prices. Then ride off when you don’t like it. It’s all about supply and demand. If enough people go somewhere else you’ll find the proprietor’s attitude will change.

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