Mirror Recommendation For ZX6R


I need help, i want yall opinion on whats better (looks & best) im getting new mirrors for my 07 zx6r and cant decide on what to get Oem Bar end (whats your experience with them?) Some led “bullet” type mirrors



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  1. Those little “pig spotter” led mirrors are trash. Only good for passing inspection stating you have a mirror. I’ve used bar end and stock mirrors. Ive come to realize I hardly ever look in the mirror because I’m always looking around

  2. Out of those 3… Oem.

  3. Bar end all the way

  4. Will, why oem?

  5. Jacobs, why bar end?

  6. Oem mirrors are the best. With the other two you can hardly see anything. I had them before but oem looks so much better and actually works!

  7. I’m taller so oem mirrors just show me my shoulders when I look in them…bar end I can see out of

  8. No mirrors lol

  9. Bar end. No question about it

  10. I went with the 08-09 zx6r mirrors on my 05

  11. Bar ends are more practical and good for lane splitting. Just fold in and split

  12. I have a 07 and i personally use OEM. Plus they’re cheap on EBay if you end up needing more. I think the other two are just an excuse to have mirrors. So it really depends if you’re gonna use them or not

  13. Check out the mirrors made by CNC. I have been thinking about them. They have them on ebay

  14. Buy oem off of a newer model or get extenders for the stock ones to make them more useful. Dont be a squid, use the gift of having eyes in the back of your head.

  15. People I know with bar end only have them because they hit the track monthly (nose plastic isn’t cut for mirrors)

  16. I use my mirrors alot, so i rather have practicality over looks. I think OEM is winning this.

  17. The one’s I bought for my 636 were only $40 on Amazon and they’re universal.

  18. Mines were supposed to be bar ends mirrors but I like the way they look on the original mounts!!!


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