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A quick question if I may.

When motorcycle camping with a Mini-Mate, or Aspen type trailer, do campgrounds charge you the tent site rate, or is it considered an RV and you charged at that higher rate? I understand some tent sites can have electricity and would expect a rate slightly higher than a primitive site for those. I'm planning a cross-country trip and trying to establish some budget guidelines.

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  1. Depends on the campground. I’m mostly charged a tent site..but the other does happen.

  2. Depends on the campground and the spot you put it on. What I have found is if I use a pull thru RV spot, I get charged for an RV rate. If I use a non electric tent site, I get changed for a tent site. Each campground is different and they only way to know, is to ask when you check in.

  3. You can camp at a tent site if you don’t want elect or anything else but it doesn’t cost that much more at a normal site if you need water and elect and the site normally has a better place to park the bike

  4. With my Aspen Classic, part of it sets on the ground, so i have got the tent rate every time so far.

  5. We get tent sites with power.

  6. Only ever been charged for a tent site, we never request or need power.

  7. Yup tent site rates unless you request electric then more. I’ve been across twice and most are the same way. Of course you can pull in to a state campground and some states add on non residents fee.

  8. What everyone above said.

  9. Most places we stay charge like $5.00 extra for a tent site with power verse one without.

  10. I just spent a week at His Place Resort on the White River in Cotter AR. You rent a tent site. They had them with water and electricity. Either site $22 per night.

  11. I’ve only seen a Sam’s that wanted me to pay an RV hookup fee. Every other campground allows me to use my MiniMate on a tent site.

  12. The most i ever paid for a tent site last year was 40 bucks.It was in Townsend Tn. I thought that was to high.

  13. Yeah,sounds very high.

  14. It was on a holiday weekend.I stayed there telwo nights.My site was very rough and unlevel

  15. That’s what i thought

  16. Never been charged as rv. Usually tent rate sometimes extra to use electric.

  17. When I go with other people we can put two on the same site. We call on a tent on a camper. Some times if the site is big enough we have put 4 on it. No extra as long as no more than 4 people

  18. If there is a group of you and your freinds going we get an RV site in KOA for $55 and put everyone on the same lot. Split the price. Last summer u0040 the Grand Canyon we paid $8 a night for a site!

  19. It all depends on a lot of variables. Time of year, location of campground, how full are they, size of park, etc… We went to WV and had 2 mc trailers and one tenter. We had 2 electric with water RV sites and got charged tent site rate. Same week we went to state park in KY and put all 3 on one RV site and paid more there then in WV. I try to avoid state parks when I can. I have a membership camping package I use that keeps costs somewhat low after the initial purchase.

  20. My guess is that most KOA’s will charge RV rates along with most National Parks….Get a Senior National Park pass and camp at Corp of engineer parks, cheapest way for us……

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