MAXXIS Trailmaxx M7320 rear Tire on the Xtrainer


Hello Beta Fans,

my Name is Marius, from Germany, I Ride a 2017 Xtrainer today around 245 h and I am realy Happy with it. My question, does Somebody tried the MAXXIS Trailmaxx M7320 rear Tire on the Xtrainer? Current I ride Mitas FIM Tires with soft Mousse.


MAXXIS Trailmaxx M7320 rear Tire on the Xtrainer

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  1. I have used the maxxis on other bikes Marius it is an excellent Tyre and will fit one to my trainer in the autumn as I think it will suit it well…very good on wet rocks slate gravel very soft but seems to last if you stay off the throttle it is no good if used like a knobbly. friend has one on a 300exc and has used it with a mousse with success..

  2. Yes use them all the time, with and without mousses? Super grip but they don’t last very long especially if you do road work.

  3. U are simply riding the best.
    Mitas 2 duoble green and soft mousse is the best

  4. Continua con la mitas

  5. I’ve just put one on a spare rim with a soft mousse for wet smooth slippery rocks later in the year.I know a lot of trf boys use them and rave about how good they are ,don’t think that they would be any good in deep wet mud though

  6. You should try a Shinko 525 Hybrid Gummy. I have been running one and love it. Great tire for around $75.00! Great in the muck and slippery rocks.

  7. Run a dunlop gp803 it will work better than the trail maxx on wet rocks and roots and last longer.
    Just not quite as good in the muddy conditions but close.

  8. I use the Maxxis Trailmax rear with Tubliss for rocky terrain. It’s great. Doesn’t last very long though. Obviously not as good as a knobbly in mud but much better than you would expect.

  9. With mousse best tyre for wet rocks I’ve used for a few years now – immediately replaced the stock tyres without even using them on my new 2020 X trainer

  10. Thanks for the lot of answers.
    Sounds good what you tell.
    I gues I have to try the MAXXIS and see how it works at my conditions.

  11. Pirelli / metzeler super soft and a metzeler soft mousse absolutely amazing tyres been using them for just over 2 years

  12. Va benissimo per arrampicare, io l’ho avuta, ma non u00e8 il massimo per fare enduro. Le Metzler super soft vanno benissimo.

  13. Try with dunlop geomax,excellent type.

  14. I Use The Trailmax and have been for a few years ideal tyre for trail riding loads of grip in all conditions .

  15. Hallo Marius,
    Die Maxxis meine Freunde und ich fahren die . Es ist mehr wie mit dem Trialmotorrad Zielgenauer nur wenn es sehr weich ist macht das Profil schneller zu.
    Auch Mousse sind mu00f6glich mu00fcssen halt die passensen sein.
    Gru00fcsse Herbert

  16. Markus there’s lots of good tires I run Motoz Xtreme hybrid gummy on my X and a Mountain Xtreme (DOT rated tire that makes it street legal in the US) on my 390. The tires are heavy but I’ve been very satisfied.

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