Manual says oil pressure warning..


I bought this a week ago! Took it to Hatfield and McCoy last weekend. It over heated on day 2 and now this light is on. It’s hasn’t over heated since I sprayed the radiator out. (Some trails where really muddy).Manual says oil pressure warning… might sound stupid to some but can someone explain to me what that means? Google is no help.

Manual says oil pressure warning..

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  1. Do you have power steering?

  2. EPS is the power steering.

  3. Do you live near the Hatfield an McCoy trails?

  4. not eps ( not that stupid) the circle looking thing with the arrows

  5. Low oil or low oil pressure.

  6. Hold down both buttons and turn the key on to reset the light then see it it comes back on make sure it’s full of oil

  7. Was the machine running when this pic was taken

  8. Oil pressure senders are a known weak point in the Motos’. Put a gauge on it to verify pressure is OK, then replace the sender.

  9. check your oil.

  10. Check ur rear driveshaft bolt holding driveshaft in to the motor

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