M4 For The 2006 ZX6R


Do they make m4 for the 2006 I can’t find any.

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  1. No they don’t make one for 05-06 models. You can customize it to fit though. Just takes some work

  2. Anything that sound good or close to a m4

  3. If you’re looking for a somewhat similar sound I’d look into toce exhaust. I believe they make one for that year. But I rocked the Yoshi rs55 when I had my 636 and I lovedddd the sound of it.

  4. Right now I have no exhaust and I love how it sound but I’m kinda tired of it it’s way to loud.. idea on where I could find the toce

  5. Look at jti exhaust for 06 zx6r on eBay. Toce makes jti as well I believe

  6. I have the JTI s4 on my 06 and love the sound! Its very pricey for just a slip on. Ive seen plenty of 05/06 636’s around me but none with the JTI’s.

  7. Think I’m going to make my own out of what I have… I have the twin dual devil and I can’t hear nothing

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