Luxury items for camping?


So I posted a question about what 3 things you would take camping. I think I was a little vague so I'll try it again. Other than your bike, rain gear, shelter, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, food/water, money/credit card, pocket knife, matches and the basic camping stuff etc…

What must have luxury items do you take with you? I did not limit it to 3. Thanks for all the replies.

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  1. Kitchen sink. HaHa!! How about a Hammock..

  2. First aid kit

  3. Tequila, tablet, camera.

  4. Leather man knife pain meds and first aid, . phone charger to keep phone charged for emergency and pictures

  5. Luxury is the antithesis of camping.Tin foil,light, & a way to disable all fartsmones, tablets, etc. That way you can actually be where you are camped, with the friends that went with you!!

  6. ok 3 things 1. 55gal glad bag only about 1000 uses 2. pocket fisherman 3. my Tilly hat

  7. Havent been camping in years, but coffee pot was the most important, advil, and i suppose these days, my tablet,lol

  8. We are bikers camping, don’t need luxuries. My essentials are coffee, bacon, loaded Desert Eagle. That’s all.

  9. Air conditioner… cast iron skillet… coffee pot

  10. If you have everything you listed, you should be good

  11. Lolu0040air conditioner, love it, yeah iwas going to out iron skillet, because we used to take refrigerator biscuits and fry them in the pan, they would rise right up

  12. Luxuries:
    (1) iPad with pre-loaded movies for evenings
    (2) small portable fan for those sweltering evenings.
    (3) snacks and all the baaaad stuff I don’t usually eat at home. ­čÖé

    Camping is supposed to be FUN. So if you’re into Bear Gryllis type stuff then go for it, if you prefer some creature comforts and luxuries then go for it too …. however you camp just enjoy yourself and leave your troubles to burn away with the campfire embers.

  13. French press, kettle, coffee, creamer, etc.
    A good cup of joe first thing in the morning makes a big difference.

  14. Small generator, electric griddle, Viagra, beer, beer, beer, frozen pizzas, beer, fireball and beer.

  15. How many of us need ROOM SERVICE to camp??I often feel confused by what Motorcycle Camping is?

  16. Luxuries? chair-in-a-bag, 10×16 light tarp to cover tent and bike in extreme weather, LED Headlamp for hands free tent setup.

  17. Kermit chair, Kindle for books, Wet wipes

  18. Red head , blonde , brunette

  19. Paul with those luxury’s you will also need reservations and Viagra

  20. Or an undertaker!! Lol

  21. At least he won’t be staring at an electronic image!! LOL

  22. Less is more

  23. Less is more for young folks. This old man’s been there done that. Now days a few luxuries are welcome.

  24. First aid kit, Sun screen and a hot female

  25. Howard D Ross I’m old. But we always take a lot of stuff we never use. Makes the camper, ( Kwik Kamp) heavy and harder to find what we do need. But I agree take the good stuff and leave the rest at home.

  26. Totally agree Mark. Be safe out there. Enjoy life. Ride on.

  27. Beer and smoke

  28. I take whatever I want and you take whatever you want…it’s a "luxury" item. You writing a book?

  29. Fix a flat.

  30. Bunkhouse lx….set up for solar now….tv,fan

  31. A woman or three?

  32. here’s the way I do it for now,,also small ice chest,headlight and cheap led lantern,micro stove/fuel,food,water,and some good booze and smoke for the evening….

  33. Coffee pot, cups cause you don’t know it now, but your going to have company when the smell gets around

  34. Adapter that goes into the battery tenderizer n charges items. Jet boil n coffee

  35. The wife, zip ties & a small board for my kickstand

  36. Coffee press and good coffee.

  37. bug spray, good coffee and more bug spray

  38. Tom has the right idea… Wife… zip ties…. board. Fielders choice on what to do with board! SMILE!

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