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I have Electra Glide So after googling and googling and looking up stuff and checking on different posts, I decided to put Lucas gear oil in my transmission. Absolutely horrible shifting , loud clunking, enough to piss me off trying to find neutral. It’s been two days and I’m changing it again. Any recommendations ???

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  1. I use only Red Line.

  2. I’d put monkey piss in it at this point. I wish I never changed it. Whatever was in it came out beautifully clear. And it shifted great

  3. Check an automotive speed shop… drag racers use it in thier rearends

  4. Lucas gear oil was shite for me too. Amsoil seems to be much better

  5. Rotella diesel oil might be my next try. Just because I have it.

  6. FYI, close to 50000 miles.

  7. Bel ray gear saver hypoi works for me 85-140

  8. Redline is it for me m

  9. My brother is a Amsoil dealer. In our bikes we use 20/50 for the oil and primary and straight 60 for the transmission. It made a huge difference on the shifting when I changed the fluid on July 31.

  10. I use Amsoil 75/140 severe gear oil

  11. Amsoil is better than syn3

  12. I use Redline been good for me

  13. Redline full synthetic with shock proof, absolutely love it

  14. Why do some frown about synth3 ?

  15. Youll never go wrong with screaming eagle 20-50.

  16. Redline transmission oil with shockproof

  17. Red Line,But dont expect Miricles.

  18. I just put amsoil in all three holes and love it.

  19. All the synthetic oils transfer noise louder. I don’t use it in my tranny just cause it sounds like it’s gona explode. Use it in motor and primary without much extra noise. I just turn the tunes up louder.

  20. Been useing Harleys oil for the past 80,000 miles and works fine.

  21. I use castrol syntrax 85/140 fully synthetic. Less noise not CE changes and easier to find neutral

  22. I’ve run Harley oil, I’ve run amsoil, gear oil, and currently redline with shock proof. Always the same (gear oil was worse) I’ve found that neutral is easier to hit while still rolling, before coming to a stop.

  23. 20/50 amsoil all three holes every 5,000 miles currently 52,000 miles and it shifts as it should.

  24. Redline shockproof and done

  25. This is the part that i hate the most about harley. They keep the viscosity demand as a secret. They want you to use their oil and their’s only.

  26. Mobile one 85- 140 synthetic leave in for 10000 miles still comes out clean.

  27. I am fixing to go with Mobil 1 V-Twin. $9.95 at Walmart. I have the oil and filter going to use it in engine oil and primary. Anybody use it?

  28. I have had good luck with redline tranny fluid

  29. Spectro Transmission Oil 6 Speed hands down.

  30. I used Redline with shock proof in my 2000. Awesome stuff.

  31. I know a guy thats a master when it comes to Harley’s. He recommends and runs Harley oils. He has pulled down many motors, trans, clutch packs with other brands that proves their abilities. Harley doesn’t test their oils for the heck of it. Just say’in.

  32. Redline. Transmission with shock proof.

  33. Same oil all three holes period, the end.

  34. I used royal purple and love it – 09 Electra glide

  35. So I just talk to a Harley mechanic, who has been working on bikes for years, he tells me gear oil is way too thick and I’m having a hard time hitting neutral and shifting through the lower gears because the thick fluid keeps all the gears spinning. He also hates synthetic oil’s and says conventional oil’s will quiet the bike down. I don’t claim he’s the expert but, just wanted to share what I heard. I have heard this before but not too often

  36. Amsoil tranny fluid put in all bikes I work on easy shifting and less clunk. You won’t be disappointed

  37. My Indy says the same thing and he knows his $hit.

  38. I always found if it’s hard to find neutral you need to do a complete clutch adjustment not just the cable

  39. I will let everybody know how it works out tomorrow

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