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Hi Guys n Gals, can you give me any advice on lowering my 2013 R1200 GS LC. At the age of 70 Plus I appear to be shrinking and I am now down to 5′ 3″ . I have my seat on the minimum setting, sculptured out and a gel pad inserted. On the ‘soft’ setting I can just about touch the floor so 1 inch lower would be great. I even load the top box with as much weight as I can and wear the thickest sole boots I can buy. Really don’t won’t to go into great expense or it may push me to swap it . Hope you can help.

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  1. Hyperpro combi lowering kits… with or without ESA, lower by either 20mm or 25mm. Have them at Motorworks…

  2. Seat Lowering Cams

  3. Is it set for solo rider no luggage on the spring setting?

  4. Also Daytona boots do a thick sole boot gives you about 20 mile ish an look normal

  5. Ian Biddle, can you help.

  6. When I bought my new GSA LC I also bought it as a low frame a good 3 inches less and a standard frame you could always trade yours in and get a low frame one yourself

  7. If the Motorworks/Hyperpro/self-install or finding someone to install for you option doesn’t work, contact John or Nick at Revs Racing in Halesowen; they are the UK agent for Wilbers suspension.\nGoogle Wilbers & BMW or GS and you’ll see the reputation for their shocks.\nI had mine done last year, took 35mm out of the seat height; although I do use the standard GS seat for the extra padding/comfort, I also use the seat on the high setting for more seat to footpeg room.\nI’m 5ft 5 and with the above set-up i can the balls of both feet on the floor or one foot flat with leg bend to spare.\nMain stand functionality is compromised, but that’ll be the case regardless.

  8. Take the tyres off ????

  9. Daytona boots \nSold loads to lots of poeple in same predicament \nProblem solved \nwww.motoscot.co .uk

  10. Inside leg stretches help a lot.

  11. There is a knack of moving you’re bum sideways a little then extending your leg. It does take practice. I’m quite tall and have a Sargent saddle fitted to my RT1200 and that took a while getting used too.

  12. I recently fitted hyperpro lowering springs on a 1200rt…huge difference!!!

  13. I’ve only had my RT for 6 months and I’m still reluctant to carry a pillion or is this just me?

  14. I took my lady on mine 2 weeks ago (i usually ride solo) and with the suspension adjusted correctly I hardly knew she was there

  15. Platform boots lad

  16. Give u a swap for a GS 1150 not as high

  17. Serious question\n\nwhy do short people buy tall bikes???\n\nI just don’t get it any more than a tall bloke one low rider cruiser with his knees in his armpits\n\njust why????

  18. They are not just tall they are big and very powerfull.

  19. It boils down to what you want to do. Pop up to the shop and buy a loaf or tour long distance. I bought mine to tour Wales. The RT is designed for that and that is what I do.

  20. Hey guys I love off roading..I did 15 years of national level enduro but i just don’t get \

  21. wilbers do lowering suspension springs for many bikes, they have a catalogue online. I agree , as I get older bigger bikes just get more difficult and this is something that manufacturers need to reflect in the bikes they offer.

  22. When my son was only 6 years old, I bought him a kx60 motocross bike that was too tall for him. I made an L shaped bracket that I bolted in to drop the bike using the mono shock top mount. It worked an absolute treat for l year until he was tall enough for me to take it off. If you know someone with engineering skills that can manufacture you a bracket to do the same thing. The bracket was simply bolted in place, I didn’t have to cut or weld anything on the bike itself. I know it’s a different and bigger bike, but the principle is the same.

  23. Wunderlicht low seat

  24. Ask your local dealer if it can be upgraded to the latest software. The ride height lowers below a certain speed.

  25. I am afraid age catches up on us all. With my gs it’s not so much getting on or feet down but getting off because of the high back end. I have now largely solved this by turning the bars to full right hand lock, this allows me to lean further forward and lift my right hand leg over the rest. I have no physical leg problems, just advanced age

  26. Daytona MTX boots with heel insert

  27. Have you considering nailing a couple of wooden blocks to the bottom of your boots?

  28. Yes but opted for stick on platforms

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