Loud exhausts for a 5VY?


Anyone bought any mad loud exhausts for a 5VY? Legit or Chinese jobs 😂

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  1. Yep! Loud ain’t the word! Look great too

  2. Ive been thinking of buying some end cans for my 5vy.
    they do seem very expensive though
    The danmoto cans seem cheap with quiet good reviews. I’ve decided to decat my end cans its cost me about u00a340 all in with a 2inch free flowing bore

  3. Mad loud usually = wank midrange.

  4. I vote Delkevic! It’s so loud!

  5. What a silly question.

    Loadsa piss poor bodge jobs floating about.. follow the masses and cut shit, fit a toce, halfords looking Corsa cans or do the job properly and buy a full system for 1800 + .

  6. Best popping ones I had was two brothers were amazing

  7. Danmoto’s no baffles

  8. Pro-race gp

  9. Just bought a pair of black widows from Ebay. They would superb! Had to put the baffles back in though.

  10. These are loud, have no recent pic of them on the bike

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