Looking for advice for upgraded brake pads


Looking for advice for upgraded brake pads. My 2016 R1S will be Track only from this point on and I’m unsure what would be good solid pads. Thanks for your help in advance.

Looking for advice for upgraded brake pads

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  1. Lots of good brands out there. As a coach, I run the Vesrah Super RJL or XX.

  2. Nice pic! Can’t help on the brake pad question.

  3. Hmmm ud83dude01ud83dude01

  4. How many trackdays have you done on your R1S? My motor barely lasted 2400 miles.

  5. I like EBC but I have never been on the track so my opinion may not be worth much on this topic.

  6. I race my r1 with stock pads

  7. brembo z04 in mine , can brake harder and later with 0 fade, yes they’re expensive but worth it to me

  8. Brake pads are brake pads. You squeeze the lever hard enough with ANY brake pads you’ll lock the front wheel and go over the bars

  9. We have guys racing and winning on CL pads. I personally run c60s on my track bike, and XBK5 on my street.

    Need pricing? Shoot me a PM!

  10. Can you push an r1s like you could an r1? I’m just curious about the abuse and if they are or can be as fast as and reliable as the more expensive r1. Is there any point in spending extra money to get rid of the s? Lol

  11. AP Racing

  12. Performance Friction pads if you can find them.

  13. CL60 available at 612 Moto. 612moto.com.

  14. Following. Also how you like those tank pads scott?

  15. If you want REAL race pads,talk to Marc Wayne Salvisberg at Factory Pro

  16. Chad Bryant Grothaus

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