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I am not one who normally post about everyday things going on, but I had an incident this morning that really got me thinking and I feel needs posting. I would love to hear your thoughts about this!

This morning I was at a traffic light at the intersection of the hospital where my wife works and the 4 lane highway that runs in front of it. While sitting at the light, it turned green and I sat there for about 30 seconds when the guy in the pickup behind me started blowing his horn signaling to me of his displeasure that I had not proceeded through the light. Had he been looking to the left, he would have seen the lead vehicle approaching the red light was a semi truck that apparently had decided to run the yellow and at the last minute changed his mind.

The Semi-truck was sliding all of his trailer wheels, as well as his tractor wheels in an effort to stop ahead of the intersection. Had I given into the mindset of the guy behind me, I would have been right in from of the semi trying to stop!

The semi did stop eventually with the tractor part way into the intersection.

My question is why is it that people don't stop and use common sense when driving? A 30 second wait isn't going to kill you, but not waiting 30 seconds just might have! The old adage "Look before you Leap" certainly fits this situation!

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  1. The horn starts in 5 seconds in Raleigh and Winston Salem !
    I still drives my wife nuts when I check cross traffic before I pull out in my truck or car also!

  2. Friends I ride with wonder why I completely stop at stop signs, too!

  3. Having been in a few accidents that were not my fault , I drive a lot more defensivly.

    STAY ALIVE!!!!

  5. Because everyone is in such a friggin hurry now a days.

  6. Life means nothing to most people. Not eve. There own. They ha e the mind set that " they have insurance, there covered. Insurance will only pay a small portion of what it will cost them if they kill someone. The hurt or kill my wife or myself and we will own everything g they and there great grand kids will ever dream of. That’s a promise

  7. People in cages don’t think about that shit

  8. Riding a motorcycle properly for years will make you a much better and cautious driver of other vehicles too. Most people on the roads do not have a clue. They actually think they are 100u0025 safe in their cages so they drive distracted and aggressively endangering themselves and everyone around them. Think they need to stop and consider . . . there is almost always something bigger out there that can kill you no matter what you are driving!

  9. It seems that few people have ever heard of defensive driving. I ride a bike and drive a big rig. People pull out in front of both, even with headlights on. Other people are ready to run over you from behind like you experienced. Both are examples of the selfishness that is so prevalent in all of society nowadays. It’s ridiculous!

  10. What Tom Kerr said. I don’t drive truck, but friends do. Most people seem to think they are the only person in the universe.ud83cuddfaud83cuddf8

  11. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and be vulgarly blunt…cuz he’s a fucking moronic asshole tool who needs his balls kicked in???

  12. A old man told me something that explains and has stuck in my mind. …..Some people don’t realize have serious death is…..so my thoughts are be cautious take it easy enjoy a long life and if your in a hurry I’ll be glad to let you go around I’ll pass you later when you get in a wreck. …..P’S. rode for 42 tiyears only wreck hit a deer 2 years ago still ride the same bike be cautious trust your gut feeling

  13. Not sure about other countrys, but in UK Green traffic light means, proceed with coution, which means look both ways prior to pulling a way. You could have a emergency vech come out of no where

  14. Think about this something the guy behind you honky probably is to stupid to realize. ….you may have made it across the intersection it would have put him in front of the semi your 30 second delay may have saved him

  15. Always wait a few !!!

  16. Hopefully the guy behind saw what might have been and the next time he may have a little more patience.

  17. I agree. I always wait. And remember they can’t go till you do.

  18. He was provably running late on the way to his own funeral. 😉

  19. I ALLWAYS look both ways before pulling away from a light turning green. Now more than ever it seems two or three vehicles run the light!

  20. Should have stepped off and walked back to see if he was ok. "Sorry thought you were honking cause you were in trouble"..
    Have a Blessed Day

  21. I would have jut blown him a kiss. Lol

  22. My buddies used to give me crap for looking both ways, even on one way streets until a car came along running the wrong way.

  23. "Quote"
    The day you start making payments or paying repairs, is the day you tell me how to ride"

  24. Totally w/ya! Had the same happen to me in a turn lane w/ green arrow (for me) and an opposing car going around cars in front of her -into side-burm thinking the red light did not apply to her…she went around stopped traffic to do a Cal. Rolling stop in front of me w/o any apology as I followed her to grocery store… Road Rage does no good. Cager steel always wins, man!

  25. Lots of time its 1 to 1 1/2 seconds they could wait for you to pass before pulling out in front of you.

  26. When riding I try not to be the first one thru an intersection or at least have a vehicle beside me.

  27. 30 seconds?? You could have been through the intersection and half a block away by then.. LOL

    I’m JK of course. Good advise. Always ride your own ride and let no one make decisions for you.

  28. In Michigan you are the smart one if you wait as so many race to make it threw the red light

  29. I treat a just turned green light as a stop sign. Look both ways… then go. That takes about the two seconds they suggest. To me… just waiting two seconds is useless if you don’t actually look first.

  30. THANK GOD YOU are safety FIRST a jerk like MR HONNKER will always be a jerk BUT you still get to be YOU>>I’ve had plenty of MR HONNKERS honk at me I just grin and flash a PEACE sign!!

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