Little puddle of coolant underneath the the little tube by the motor | HELP


So I noticed the last couple day after ridding around the neighborhood that I keep having a little puddle of coolant underneath the the little tube by the motor… I read a couple Other posts where people said to make the tube straight instead of it being in a U shape… did that and it still keeps happening… machine has never gotten hot and coolant levels are fine but this keeps happening… looking for some input on this

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  1. Change the antifreeze, the junk that came it it stock is garbage, the leak will stop with good antifreeze in it

  2. I wonder the same thing on mine

  3. I've heard of ppl just changing there antifreeze to a good quality one and that solved there leak problem

  4. Replace all seals when opened up is a very good idea for older models' and when putting gasket on make sure it is not bent over in any way. Some people have made this mistake so just take your time when putting in place.

  5. Kinda a pain in the ass whole right side crankcase has to come off the seal is behind the little black gear might as well do the oil seal since you''ll be in there

  6. You''re going to have to rebuild the water pump.

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