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This might be annoying but could someone give me a list of all the vacuum lines on the nc30 please as I have a leak in one so I need to check then all. All the carb ones should be fine as I got new carbs and pipes. So I just need to know any other vacuum line on the bike.

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  1. There’s only one vacuum pipe and that goes to the fuel tap.?

  2. OK cool that will be the one then just got told by the garage to check them all and thought it’s easier to ask on here than look through my Haynes manual

  3. It goes from the inlet tract of the rear right cylinder (when sat on bike) to the tap. Do you have a running issue?

  4. It’s when I come up to lights and it’s idling it will sit at 3000rpm and then very slowly drop down to 1500rpm

  5. My garage said it will more than likely be an air leak on a hose

  6. As Reg said below. Also make sure all the blanking screws are present in the inlets.

  7. Yep I will do that too hopefully it’s as easy and a split in the hose

  8. If you have a vacume leak check the carb mounting rubbers for cracks

  9. Also does anyone happen to know the size of the vacuum line so I can just replace it

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