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Got bit by the dreaded “limp mode” and what appears to be the rather common TPS issue in 08 and up models. Got the local dealer picking up my ride this morning. Anyone else run in to this?

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  1. I ride a 2014 Ultra, I was getting but 28 miles to the gallon and when I got home the fumes in my garage would gag you… The dealership re booted the computer and it has been fine ever since.

  2. On the ’08 it is a connector that wears causing the error message. When I got my ’09, it was six years old, and it had the same problem. It was about $100 to have it repaired at my Harley dealer.

  3. I had the same problem with an 09 Electra Glide Classic that I picked up a few months ago with the exception of the P0132 code. Internet searches primarily focused on the wiring harness that connects to the throttle body as the culprit. Suggestions were to clean the connector pins and apply di-electric grease to the pins. Tried that week and a half ago but only had my bike out once since then but problem didn’t re-occur. Here is a link to a fig my hog chat on this topic The other suggestions were not touch the throttle when starting the bike up and always the main selector to turn the bike off. Hope this helps

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