LC4 640 Speedo is Reading Double


I recently picked up this 2003 LC4 640.

The speedo is reading double the bikes actual speed and the mileage is racking up at double the rate.

What’s the fix for this?

All help is appreciated

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  1. Either put on a 42″ front wheel or double the length of the speedo wire

  2. I have a couple pieces of new plastic i will sell dirt cheap if your interested..rear fender one side number plate maybe front fender

  3. Do more wheelies?

  4. Trail tech has some tech pages that say the magnetic pick up may be too close to center of your wheel magnet. You can reset your wheel to double the size or move the pick up slightly. Hold in place and spin wheel while on stand to test. See the website for more info.

  5. Is it reading in Kilometers?

  6. Make sure the speedo is programmed for the wheel size….I used to swap out my wheels and needed to do so when I did. There is a formula in the owners manual to set the circumference…also, double check the location of the magnetic pickup…I just wound up using JB weld to attach a small round magnet from Radio Shack to mine. Stayed put for years until I sold the wheels. Might have to do a little math to get it all tweaked…

  7. sprockets will fit not sure about the other stuff

  8. Half the speedo teeth

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