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How do you feel about Lance Armstrong? My opinion. I still like him.

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  1. I heard him on the joe rogan experience. At 1st I was like F him. But know my opinion upon him has changed greatly on hearing him on joe's podcast.

  2. Very few in this day has gone through what he did and even survive, that's what I admire, there's too much hate in the world now days, he paid the price, which was very high

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  4. He's still a 7 time champion in my eyes. I think he has been humbled and he's a better man because of his difficulties.

  5. How did he earn his place in cycling if he doped his way to it?

  6. He has admitted to being dishonest and admitted to doping. The honesty in that should be enough to let him start his life again. So I for one will not judge him.

  7. True Anerican hero. He was competing against others who were blood doping.

  8. Was his doping only better than his competitors? Apparently. People like Indurain and Cantador are still regarded as champions but the TDF treats Armstrong as a curse. Talk about double standards. He won 7 times against the other dopers. Livestrong.

  9. Arrogant, deceitful prick that deserved everything he got. Just sayin'

  10. i dont get american morality remember carl lewis florince grifth joyner oh not to mention arnold swazeneger did you all vote him to govnor in califonia all took drugs all lied. ioc uci world anti drug org are all currupt.

  11. who can deny he did good for testicular charities etc, and the companies who promoted him and supported him got their monies worth in the end… he isnt popular for whatever reason amongst his former colleagues, but i dont think its fair to pin it all on him

  12. me too I still like him …dont think froome and sky are clean…it is a very tough sport

  13. Sponsors, owners, they are always the big push, they benefit the most, they are the big push, it then becomes more than cycling, it's pure money, Lance, and all the others, were puppets, and they are the losers, the rest will find new puppets, and new ways to win.

  14. Lance is irrelevant! Merckx is the greatest cyclist ever!!!

  15. e
    fyi eddy Merck get caught cheating…dont forget that

  16. No one would've heard of Trek if it weren't for Lance.

  17. i see everybody has an opinion about lance.. but have you ever did try to get on your bike and actually run those kind of distance every day ! i dont think any pro can last the level of competition there is with out leaning on something to help them! so i am pretty sure all of them are in to something. he just have been caught ! and had the balls to say yes i did it!

  18. Greg LeMond, Peter Sagan, Lance Armstrong in that order…….Armstrong still had to bike the race and win the race…..look at this year…..geez….Lance wont those TdeF's….period….being an ass and narcissist doesn't change the fact….

  19. He was and still is , one hell of a cyclist

  20. Eva body doped,from what I have read sounds like was a real scumbag

  21. Who? ­čÖé

  22. And for those who don't know here's another pic of Lance

    Lance Armstrong Hospital

  23. My mentor!! A Survivor!!

  24. My husband raced against him in the 90's, and he was an ass**** even then.

  25. Still a beast…

  26. He slandered a woman who had the temerity to tell the truth about him. Today, we elect people like that president, but he's still a liar and defamer, great athlete? Sure. His callous mistreatment of those who tell the truth ranks as a more serious crime in my book than the fraud he perpetrated on the cycling world.

  27. Lance overcame so much and endured so much and was a great cyclist. How would have been without the drugs? Who knows. There was so much of that at the time. He is highly talented. But an ass**** is just that I don't care how good you are. Bring some respect to the sport and to those around you. He didn't. He was mean.

  28. The fact that he cheated like all the other riders doesn't bother me…. What does bother me was the fashion in which he handled getting caught and the way he pushed other riders to join him in his doping. I am now and forever disappointed by the only professional cyclist I ever bothered following.

  29. As Bradley Wiggins is finding out,treat people like shite in the media you will reap what you sow Lance Armstrong made a mistake coming back he would have kept his titles ,his money,and treated other riders better but because of his behaviour the knifes came out personally I think he has stained cycling forever no one can win the TDF without being accused of drugs ie Chris froome,cadel Evans not fair

  30. It just proves that a great cyclist doesn't have to be a great human being!!!

  31. After reading his book I lost a lot of respect for him. He was less than honorable with his ex years ago Sheryl Crow.

  32. He is still ok in my book

  33. Win at all costs…but where is he now?

  34. He is a training beast!!
    I like that in HIM…
    Most of the cyclists did use Something …..

  35. It doesn't really matter.

  36. Big fan of Lance the cyclist and how he rode. Considering the competition were on the same level as him and also doped up, his achievements on the bike stand in my opinion. Lance the person caused a lot of pain and disadvantaged others which leaves me with mixed feelings about the guy.

  37. We can argue all day but until we become part of the board there is not much we can to or accomplish by argument of it
    In my personal opinion. .. (for what that is worth lol ) he was different than any other cyclist at the time , most were doing the same thing. He is and was a great athlete that over came cancer which most die from what he over came. So as I said just my 2 cents

  38. No matter how you slice it Lance Armstrong was one of the greatest cyclists of all time.

  39. I am an average Joe athlete and have been my whole life. I spent a lot of years playing sports and hanging out in locker rooms. From an early time I learned that many successful athletes do whatever it takes to succeed. I mean anything. I pretty much accepted it and disregarded it. Truth be known, if football was submitted to OSHA as a job description it would a prohibited activity. So I think the hub bub over athletes doping is ludicrous. We need to concentrate on something much more important like texting and driving or pesticides.

  40. The fact here is that all pro cyclists have been doping in one way or the other for 100 years.

  41. From albuterol to speed, epo, steroid, clenbuterol, hgh, andro, testosterone, you name it. Nitroglycerin was even used back in the day to gain a competitive edge.

  42. Thought what he achieved was fantastic…they were all doing that shit one way or point making him a scapegoat

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