KTM EXC-F vs Yamaha WR250R


Ok guys… I’m closing in on a final tax refund purchase decision here between a KTM EXC-F and a Yamaha WR250R (new – and these are the ONLY brand/model options I’m considering). See my previous posts for full details (choosing low maintenance but lower performance on the Yamaha vs higher maintenance but higher performance with a KTM… So here are some odd questions I bet you never get asked, that are perhaps a bit paradoxical:
(1) What’s the longest distance ON PAVEMENT you’ve gone on a KTM EXC-F, and how was it?
(2) What’s the hardest you’ve “motocrossed” or dirt/enduro ridden your WR250R? Anyone ever enduro raced one?
(3) How are both bikes ELECTRICALLY, in terms of stator, output/capacity, with respect to auxiliary lights such as additional LEDs, phone chargers, etc.? Thanks again guys! ???

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  1. I’ve ridden 70+ miles home at 70mph on my 500 EXC straight down the highway multiple times. Mostly when other bikes broke down and cut the day short when we were the furthest possible distance from the truck. Yamahas mostly.

  2. 630K on a 500exc.

  3. The EXC’s have enough juice for aux lights easily.

  4. If you get the KTM you WILL be happy. But if you get the WR250 you will always wonder about the KTM.

  5. Ktm 350 exc-f nd dont look back!!

  6. You’ll be bored of the wr in seconds. They’re very underpowered and the power is very different to a Ktm. Very soft!

  7. Just to add… Wr’s electric will probably never break where a ktms have already broken

  8. It nothing for me and my friends to put in 200 miles a day on nothing but twistes on our KTMs. Wr250 is a turd and there no way around that. I’ve put 25k hard miles on my 03 525exc supermoto in the last 6 years. Only had to move the valves twice in that time. People that say they are unreliable and very high maintenance are just clueless. I change my oil every 1000 miles or so or when I feel Iike it. And keep tires on it. And thats it.

  9. Oh I wasn’t even thinking about all the days I did ONLY street with the SMs on. Probably thousands of miles. 300 per day easy. I was more thinking of like 14/50ish dirt gearing running down the highway.

  10. Longest on the pavement was after Lockhart Basin, Moab. We went Moab south through Lockhart, but then came back on pavement due to late in the day. It was around 68 miles pavement after the off road. Sun was setting, it was cold, but the bike was just fine. I did, however, get rid of the stock seat. I went with Seat Concepts… stock seat on the right! Let me add – that was around 140 miles total. Longest off pavement ride was around 130 – all dirt. A day ride, we kept moving.

  11. Stock seats are savage !

  12. WR is old and way heavy

  13. I had a WRX (SM and Dirt setup), and a KTM 690 and it seemed to be a good 2 bike setup but when I traded my 690 for a KTM 500 exc The WR basically became obsolete Ive done 300 mile days on the 500 no problem.. hell I rode almost 100 miles 2up with it this last weekend (granted not the most comfortable but it was done haha) It is an amazing bike. but now that the WR is sold I am looking to add a Fz-09 for longer touring.

  14. I converted my KTM EXC 525 to a dual sport and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done to a motorcycle! Thanks to Baja Designs, slightly higher gears, 6.5 gal Acerbis and extra capacity oil cooler, I can run along at 75 mph all day long (and when I get to single track, keep going!). Do it!

  15. That’s a great looking 525!!!

  16. Rode 10,000 miles total on a St legal 400exc.. lived the daylights out of it. However, lots of interstate travel is annoying. But most won’t buy a Enduro bike to ride interstate. I will say they did everything exceptionally well. Fun to pull up to MX track ride laps, and then leave while people look in amazement haha

  17. Here we go again with misinformed people claiming KTMs are high maintenance

  18. Not sure why you don’t get the best of both worlds? Seriously, look into the Beta lineup. But, if you’ve already done​ that, and decided it wasn’t the bike for you, the KTM gets my nod. Assuming new of course.

  19. Stay with KTM , way lighter and easier to get parts and easier to sell than a Beta.

  20. bought a wrr 2 years ago lasted one month,,, sold it and got 500 exc,, good thing about owning the wrr is makes me appreciate the ktm so much more

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