So i bought a sx65 a while back for my daughter that had some engine issues. turned out to be locked up but i never figured out why. i replaced the crank and bearings along a new top end. now this thing will not start. I have good fire with the plug pulled, seems to have good compression. but i can hardly so much as a pop out of the the exhaust port with the pipe off. it has fuel, and the carb is clean. and suggestions ?

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  1. Put the pipe on and try to start it.

  2. Timing? Is the stator on in the right position?

  3. I have tryed with pipe on so it had some back pressure

  4. I thought the same thing but the Mark is lined up when piston is at the top so it has to be fairly close

  5. The Reeds look good bit chipped or anything but they might not be sealing 100, I know on bigger motors that’s not. Big deal but these little.motors seem way.more sensitive

  6. Put a little gas down the spark plug hole then kick it

  7. Does know what kinda compression these should have ? IM wounding if I have to much base gasket and it has low compression. It definitely has some just might not me enough

  8. Check ignition timing.

  9. Piston in backwards?

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