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KTM 525 Question about Overheating – my 2007 525 exc is in mint condition but overheats in the tight stuff after about 15 minutes. I met some veteran 525 dudes in Sargents Colorado this weekend and they did the following but i need to know what parts to get and where?

1) FAN – add a square shaped fan to the radiator, these guys were running the IMS 3.1gal tank and this fan seemed to just fit in, they said it was a KTM brand fan – where can i get one, and what is the name of the fan.

2) OVERFLOW – both 525 exc had a radiator overflow bottle, one guy had a home made and the other had one after market. – where can i get the after market bottle, tube etc.

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  1. Monte Burtis?

  2. We covered this in 2006….get your parts from KTM set your bike up and ride.

  3. Thanks Robert Frey but the bike is new to me! ­čÖé

  4. I found this fan that looks to be genuine KTM but not sure if it will fit behind my IMS 3.1gal tank… http://www.ktm-parts.com/59035041044.html

  5. Call Slavens racing tomorrow….

  6. ok Adam Da Byrd Hernandez thanks

  7. Sargents Colorado this weekend – over heating but having fun on the steep and deep

  8. thanks for your help guys

  9. Your going to need that gear to ride with me Boulder Alex

  10. Hows ur jetting? Possibly running lean?

  11. The EXC’s came from the factory very lean. A bigger pilot will help keep it cooler. Find a jetting chart for a 2007 525 xcf-w And copy its needle and main jet setting

  12. Adam Da Byrd Hernandez the jetting is perfect and adjusted, upgraded to 9k to 10k feet

  13. Boulder Alex mine has a fan behind the radiator!

  14. you need to grab a handful of throttle and create some wind speed in those radiators. If you cant ride the bike fast enough in the tight stuff to keep it from over heating you need a smaller bike. A 525 is not a woods bike by any stretch of the imagination.

  15. Not sure but I think they won a shitload of enduros….just sayin.

  16. Ray MacNamee – in colorado we have a unique combination of high altitude riding …9k to12k feet in elevation is the norm feet plus tight trees, sand and technical terrain that warrants the larger engine. Ive talked with a few 525 exc owners on the trail and they are able to keep the engine cool in the tight stuff with the addition of a fan. Ive purchased the fan today and will install this weekend.

  17. Adam Da Byrd Hernandez – Just found out from the previous owner the jets are set for 6-9k feet in elevation so that’s one more thing i need to do

  18. Engine ice coolant and there should still becsome oil coolers sround for those bikes as well…

  19. thats because they can grip it and rip it!

  20. My 350 used to boil every time I flogged the clutch on a hill, turns out it was a bad radiator cap. I upgraded to a 2.0 cap from CV4 I think. It helped a lot. If that fan doesn’t work, think about a fresh radiator cap

  21. Engine ice helps too

  22. Thanks Josh Joshua Budimlya i ordered the engine ice

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