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KTM 525 EXC electrical question – Two weeks ago I plugged in my GPS to my KTM’s little battery and then everything went to shit. My battery did not hold a charge, was flat on a few occasions but would charge after a long ride. I also have an aftermarket headlamp on it. Question is: am i asking my battery to do too much or should i replace the battery?

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  1. I have a good and aftermarket headlight on my 525. No issues by here

  2. If the charger for your gps is straight to your battery it will be a constant draw and eventually kill your battery everytime.\n\nIf its doing this while riding, sounds like you need a higher output stator. Your electrical needs are using more watts thanvthe output of your stator so the deficit is made up by the battery

  3. What year is your 525? 04-07 stators had no extra juice. My 450 had a fan kit and it kept drawing more than the output. Put a 110 watt stator on and she would power the house if we lost electricity… my current CR250 has a stator from Ricky Stator to powerlights and equipment. Yes, a CR250, NOT CRF…

  4. Wire gps so its only on when bike is running, change all lights to LED and you should get by. \n\nOtherwise upgrade stator.

  5. Swap the headlight bulb to a high power LED and that should free up enough power to run your GPS. I can’t imagine it should take more than 3 watts.

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