KTM 520 EXC Clutch Issue


Just picked up this 2002 520 yesterday. The clutch is really grabby when cold, and drags even when warm making it impossible to get neutral when running. As soon as I turn it off neutral is smooth to get. Any suggestions?

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  1. Common problem! My 08 does that! The 520sx with a 6 speed conversion was my 1st KTM, I’ve been hooked ever since! Hell of a bike!

  2. Just blip the throttle and put it in neutral

  3. Fresh clutch wouldn’t hurt I’m sure but take a look at the basket, likely going to be grooving on the fingers. If all else fails, put Rotella in it! Ha! Great bike, congrats on that find!

  4. Also try switch around oils , some make the clutch more grabby than others drain it an chuck some motorex in an see if that helps . but I’d check the basket for notches as well .

  5. My 2017 300xc is hard to find neutral at idle but if I blip the throttle it’s butter been that way since day one

  6. There is also a bushing (for the basket IIRC) that when worn makes for rougher shifting.

  7. My 04 450 was the same way. nothing made it better. I learned to hit neutral before the bike came to a stop which allowed it to be easy peasy

  8. Mines gotten to the point where its pretty much an on/off switch, those 6th gear wheelies eat them up pretty quick. I just catch nutral before i stop and hardly use the clutch once im moving any. Keep her tidy, she looks like a minta

  9. If the bearings and or bushing is in good condition. Pull the fiber plates out of the clutch and scrape the glue off that is stuck to the ring between each fiber pad. This will allow oil to flow freely in and out of the clutch. Also if the fingers on the fiber plates are still sharp from being stamped take a file and smooth them so they will slide easily in the basket

  10. What tank is that? looks funky

  11. That’s normal when cold

  12. My two bikes have the same issue, always have. The blip trick helps

  13. Clutch basket is notched needs to be filed or new.

  14. Need new plates

  15. It is a race bike that is not supposed to hit neutral by mistake. Shift to neutral while you are rolling to a stop. I have had 4 of these and what you described is normal. Enjoy the new ride.

  16. May have some warped plates causing drag still when disengauged. Check too for gauling on the basket and pressure plate friction surfaces too.

  17. For the love of god it’s normal lmao all these people are gonna cause this poor guy to waste his money buying things he don’t need unless it’s a giant pain to get into neutral which from what he has explained it is normal! This isn’t a street bike or a car finding neutral where it would be like butter it’s a dirtbike holy shit

  18. Thanks all for your input. Good stuff. Glad to hear it’s not just me. Both my yz250 and cr250 drag when cold but loosen up when warm, this just never seems to. I will open it up first chance and see what’s up.

  19. I bought an 02 520 new and only found neutral when racing in tight woods.

  20. 2016 500exc and I can’t find neutral unless I’m rolling.

  21. Typical RFS squal. The clutch is too good lol. They wont slip but that grabby behavior is easy to fix. Take out and clean the clutch plates then rotate the outside steel plates after lightly sanding and making sure the’re flat. Basket fingers clean up once or twice before a replacement is needed. Shoud be good for another 20 hrs. Or just replace the clutch plates. Different years are interchangable. 06 will update all years. The 2 thicker steels clutch plates go clear to the edge on the 05 but work fine.

  22. I wouldn’t worry, but if it keeps hanging or it’s hard to pull the clutch, look at notched basket.

  23. Also, and this is solely from my 950 Super Enduro experience, a larger clutch oil jet means it’s far harder to find neutral while running. Stock is 0.3mm and I’ve enlarged mine to 0.5mm. Harder to get neutral. But who gives a shit about neutral, right? Meoni was racing with that sucker bored out to 1.0mm!

  24. That’s the First KTM I ever rode.\nA buddy switched me for about 10 miles of trail on Labor Day of 2003 \nHad an ’03 EXC 450 in my garage a week later been on orange until this spring when I went white a ’17 Husky FE 350\nA KTM in disguise \n👍nice bike

  25. Zach Brown volcano tank

  26. Powercell? Beware.

  27. Both mine did that new . Hoiw many miles on it ?

  28. My 04 450exc is the same pot luck to get nuteral when running but bike still goes hard & dont use nuteral that much so if i need it i switch off then start up again i can get it but very touchy when running

  29. Grooves in the clutch basket? Derek Halsey

  30. Personally I would replace the clutch, the plates and fibers. The steels get warped and act like a spring washer. When you release the clutch the high spots on the plates continue to hit. You have no idea if it’s good where you just bought it. Also check the clutch basket for grooves. The grooves hold the fibers and won’t let them slide to loosen up. Just my .02¢

  31. What oil are you running? Some motor oils don’t have the special jasso rating which I understand is necessary for the wet clutch.

  32. ^what Derek said is your problem. Seen it too many times.

  33. Oh man….. miss my 02 520!

  34. Even with the new ’17 Husky FE350 I still miss my ’03 Exc 450 I loved that bike

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