KTM 300XC Seat Height


I've got a question about seat height. I have a 2010 ktm 300xc. I'm only 5'7" I shaved my seat a bit but I'd like to know what others have done. I've got my suspension setup decent. I'm mostly looking at ways to modify the seat or get another one. It almost feels like the sx sits a little lower. Not sure if that is suspension setup or not. Any advice is appreciated.

KTM 300XC Seat Height

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  1. Should be a lowering kit available

  2. I lowered my te300. I hated it. Raised it back and learned to live with the height

  3. Shorter shock

  4. Lower profile tyres 140/80 rear 90/90 front should be able to squeeze out another 1cm maybe.

    Other than that get the suspension professionally lowered.

    Did it on the Mrs bike. it’s changed her riding for the better

  5. Lower it 1", will require a respring and a little valving action, you won’t be sorry
    Racetech sells spacers for the fork and shock

  6. Awesome, thanks everyone. I appreciate all the input!

  7. I had my suspension lowered 2.5" and I love my 2020 Husky FE350S. I’m 5’6".

  8. Trade it for a Beta Xtrainer. The Beta frame is 15u0025 smaller and easier for smaller riders that don’t have a 36" inseam.

  9. Synergy x-bushing for the PDS, if you can find one. I think they are out of production. You could lower up to an inch with it.

    Your tires look super tall. Maybe take the fatty off the front and put a 110/100 on the back.

    The pds bikes are tall.

  10. My KTM drove me wacko with its seat height! I had Race Tech internally lower the shock & forks 1 inch. I also removed 1 inch of foam from the seat.

  11. Love the backdrop of the picture sir

  12. I am 5’7" as well and I lowered my bike 2.5 inches front and rear. I used the KTM PowerParts lowering kit which lowered the front forks and rear shock 2 inches, then I bought the KTM low seat which lowered it another 1/2 inch. You will also need to buy shorter springs for your weight as well as have your KTM dealer install the lowering kit. All up, I think I spent around $1,000.00 to do everything. The lowering kit is something like this. https://www.ktm-parts.com/55112955044.html

  13. Mine is shortened 2" by WER, Works Enduro Rider Drew Smith makes it plush with control and keeps the turn in ability.

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