Kawasaki ZZR1400 Maxxis Tyres


Anyone tried Maxxis tyres? Tried Bridgestone and Michelin but not getting many miles out of them. Maxxis are half the price. Or any other recommendations? Cheers.

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  1. How many miles do you want, I’m on 9 thousand on my PR4GTs….

  2. Remoulds on a ZZR…..no thanks!!!

  3. ZZR1400 will destroy any cheap trye

  4. I tried them on my gen1 and got around 3000 miles from the rear changed to PR4 a little more expensive but got double that off the rear and had more miles on it but changed before a trip to France

    • 2k miles on original Bridgestone and about 2.5k on Michelin pilot. Might go Pr4 gt then.

    • I think it’s worth the extra Jeff I also had a wobble from the front with the Maxxis bought the gen1 with 2300 miles on and the tyres were shot. Gen2 had 3500 and had PR4’s fitted before I picked it up. Done 3500 miles since and still plenty of life left in the tyres

    • Yeah, I’m going to order some. I’ve used 3 rears and 2 fronts in 5500 miles, it might be me not the tyres lol.

  5. 200 mph bike so choose your tyres carefully.

  6. Yeah – although relatively expensive, I wouldn’t want to scrimp on the rubber, regardless of the mileage.

  7. Bridgestone bt023 -from recollection -what they put on the gtr1400. Get about 5000 miles out of a rear. Good all round (no pun intended!) tyre.

  8. There half the price for a reason there utter shite.

  9. Had maxis on mine Toured over 4000 miles on them including Switzerland and the Pyrenees packed with camping kit I ain’t no Rossi but never felt they were going to let me down If however you Ride like Rossi go for another make.

  10. Not tried Maxxis and not going to. Bridgestone BT023 were gone in 2500 miles, BT014 gone in 1600 miles. Now on Michelin PR4 well worth the money and the rear lasts over 8000 miles. Grip well in the wet or dry. Try looking on Tyreleader or Oponeo for good prices.

    • Yes Steve, bought tyres from Oponeo before. That’s where I’ll get my next. I only asked about the Maxxis as I saw them for £109 a pair today in bike shop.

  11. Dunlop Roadsmarts for me. They are good for 200mph, like the wet and stick in the dry…..I ride it like a Sportsbike. I’m in the minority here though with all the PR4 lovers.

  12. Dunlop roadsmart 3

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