Kawasaki Z1000 Shorty Levers Suggestions


I have bought new Kawasaki Z1000 three days ago, I really liked the bike. Today my exhaust came but also I want shorty levers. I need some shorty levers any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Yeah avoid eBay ones

  2. Load of pish thousands of bikers using Chinese levers from eBay with no issues, I’ve had loads in the past this time I bought sg racing ones from eBay good quality levers ????.

  3. It’s up to you guys. I’m not the one riding with them

  4. I only wanted some recommendations on leavers that some of you may be using, need some shorties as mine are hitting my bar end mirrors

  5. Try http://www.wizbizltd.co.uk. \nIf they don’t have them, ring Keg and ask what he can get. He has a list of suppliers not on the website. I have some on my gen 4 but I think they are an expensive named make

  6. Kevin. Not keg

  7. I’ve been using Chinese ones for years with no issues, but my new ones certainly feel better.

  8. i ordered a set of chinese levers 2 months ago , both pairs what they sent got lost and got my money back . if you got ages before you need them by Chinese if you want them this year by off a english company . you have been warned ????

  9. Got my Pazzo levers up for sale. Looking for 50 quid

  10. Lazio. That’s what’s on mine.

  11. PAZZO. BLOODY typetext

  12. Lazio. ????????????????

  13. Used the lextek ones on both the Z1000 and busa with no problems. Plus only £30 a pair.

  14. I love my RSC clutch lever

  15. Ebay I got mine frm in orange

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