Kawasaki Z1000 large paddock stand bobbins


Can anyone recommend some large paddock stand bobbins as the ones I’ve put on don’t come out far enough and the paddock hooks hit the swing arm ?

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  1. had loads shit with r and regards this, purchased there bobbins and don’t come out far enough, problem was I only noticed this once I put the bike upon the paddock stand.once tried to lower the bikes found the stand catching the swing arm.contacted R AND G who at first was playing ball and being all helpful about paying out for the damage to a virtually new bike, but then an arsehole employee of r and g decided he wants to get involved and be a complete arse hole.the bobbins I purchased from them was removed from sale very quickly and even after them telling me the damage was caused by there badly designed bobbins, the said arsehole from r and g..decided to tell me to get a solicitor and for me to take them to a small claims court.problem with that is they are not forced to turn up and eventually can become costly for me.R AND G are wankers

    like the R AND G sliders they advertise for the zed1000 gen4,they are advertised as protection and also can be used to be able to lift the bike with certain paddock stands….love to hear from any zed owners who have these fitted and have actually found a paddock stand that fits.had this out with R AND G,and they don’t know of any paddock stands on the market that will actually fit to lift the bike.they informed me that the advert for these sliders would have to be changed due to this…last time I looked it was still stating that the bike could be lifted with suitable paddock stand.R AND G as far as I,m aware are a big concern and 2 products I found that aint fit for purpose

  2. Get an Abba stand. Solves all your issues

  3. ya right Pete,took off the bobbins and adapted me old Yoshimura ones and put those back on.always purchased R AND G stuff up until this and being R AND G,ya tend to think that all the stuff they sell is developed properly, but when you have the area rep admitting that one product needs re wording in its advert cos its misleading..and another product being removed from sale due to not being fit for purpose…use my harris stands on bike at moment,but love to hear from any members who actually have those sliders fitted and if they managed to get hold of a stand to fit them

  4. So managed to salvage some old bar end mirror inserts and used them as spacers, has brought them out enough for the stand and I don’t think they look to bed eaither

  5. I had after market ones on mine and had a first service done, they scratched the swing arm?. They gave me genuine ones to put on because the have inner cover plates they say stop it scratching the arm. Also longer spools can hit the exhaust and break them off.

  6. No chance of hitting my exhaust, and they work a treat on the paddock, loads of clearance… I’m happy

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