Kawasaki Z1000 Comfortable Seat Suggestions


I need a more comfy seat for mt 2016 z1000sx Been looking at kawasaki gel or a air hawk. Any suggestions would be helpful

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  1. I’m looking at getting my seats done. People are rating memory foam 1s over the gel it seems

  2. I have a 2016 sx with Kwak Gel seat… No complaints, works a treat. ????

  3. I’ve heard memory foam much better, but got no complaints with my seat.

  4. Ask grizzly customs what he can do

  5. Long distance I can feel the seat Base \n\nCheers all

  6. I got a Sargent seat on my 13 plate

  7. Yanto Evans you must know me.\nYes I’m a fat f@cker ????????????????

  8. Air hawk are very comfy. I had my zx6r refoamed which really helped. My naked Z is too thin to do anything with unless I increase the seat height so I use the airhawk as it drops ýou to seat height when you move to one side. It’s a bit squishy but the comfort makes up for that. Hope that helps. If I had the sx, I think I’d look at some forms of refoamed or gel insert 1st as your seat has more depth

  9. Chad seats are good for both I paid approx £260

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