Kawasaki Z1000 Chain And Sprocket Recommendation


Looking to change my chain and sprocket on Gen 3 so many to choose from. What’s the best one ???

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Answers ( 6 )

  1. D.I.D. X-ring chain. Afam sprockets. Best I’ve found so far on my gen3, and tried lots.

  2. D.i.d zvm-x chain. The best you’ll get.

  3. Thanks Pete I had looked at D.I.D but wasn’t sure what they were like. Sam thanks for backing that up .. Will get that one.

  4. D.I.D heavy duty. Got mine from demontweeks. Ive had a cheap one snap on my old bandit at 120mph its not fun nearly killed my mate behind me. Id never cheap on a chain and sprockets now.

  5. Thanks Nath… Just been looking on that site as we get discount thanks.

  6. Put Afam racing chain and sprockets on mine , Japanese made , very good quality.

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