Kawasaki Z1000 Brake Upgrade


Just fitted braided hoses to my gen 3 which has improved the brakes but still could do with some better braking power…. any suggestions for upgrading what I have ????

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  1. What pads do you run?

  2. Ebc sintered pads

  3. Got the same set up (with ebc pads) and it stops on its nose! Maybe re check your bleeding

  4. Check your master cylinder and when bleeding take off your calipers and raise them up with the bleed nipple at the highest point possible. Get someone to lightly tap your lines as you’re bleeding to release any tiny air bubbles.

  5. Not sure what’s on them at the mo Nath Walker I will check

  6. Bradley Scott Bowden you say the same set up??? Is that as standard or with the EBC pads David mentioned ??

  7. Thanks for advise Sam I will try that, are yours standard pads or have you changed them in anyway ??

  8. When i got mine the brakes where shite i put some on that the lads on here recommended and they are better mines already got braided hoses though

  9. Which did you use ??

  10. Ebc sintered for me

  11. Seems to be the trend …. Thanks Nath:)

  12. Ive got adjustable levers aswell that helped

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