Kawasaki Z1000 Bar Ends Suggestions


Im struggling to get my bar ends off ive tried just about anything to get then to move has anyone got any suggestions to get then off thanks

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  1. Impact driver …… mine were a bit tight ..

  2. You need a ratchet set with a crosshead bit to get the torque on it

  3. Ive had a impact driver on them mate

  4. Flat head screw driver underneath then a little Wd40 down the end stick your Allen key in and go for it that’s what I had to do previous owner had glued them on lol

  5. Can get em cheap enough at most tool shops or eBay

  6. One swift know with a hammer that shud brake the locktight on the thread the desent screw driver

  7. I might end up drilling the head off

  8. 181642032941 eBay \nThat’s all u need something like that

  9. Try and put some heat with soldering iron near the thread it can soften the thread lock and or air windy gun if you know somebody !

  10. By the way the new zed has Allen bolts fitted stock so just buy a new bike lol

  11. I have a new Zed & they were very hard to get off ….used a standard allen key but used a small ring spanner for xtra leverage .

  12. Heat em up with a handheld propane torch to soften the locktite. Then they will back out with just a screwdriver.

  13. Are you changing the bar ends if so put a set of grips on the bar ends and turn them

  14. Im just changing my grips Robert John Evans

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