Kawasaki Vulcan S Brighter Headlight Issues?


Question: are there any known issues upgrading to a brighter headlight? Any recommendations? Thanking you in advance for any advice ?

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  1. Brighter incandescent bulb equals shorter life cycle of bulb. LED dispersion may not be fully correct in a refractor housing and the same with HID bulb.

  2. I have led head light, way better then stock almost a year nd no issue (knocking on wood)

  3. I’ve always used the Sylvania Silver Star bulbs, and now the Ultra version. They’re way brighter than the OEMs and last at least as long as I’ve kept a bike (4-5 years). I’ve read a lot of conflicting reports on LED setups through the years. Main thing being that most “look” brighter (great to be seen with), but the conversions don’t actually project that light like a regular bulb (not so great to see with) due to the reflector in the housing itself not being designed to work with them. I personally have no experience with them, just going on what I’ve read and heard. Some may work better than others too.

    • Read your packaging on those Sylvania bulbs. They literally say they will not las as long as a standard bulb. You are absolutely correct with the LED bulbs as they may be brighter but the dispersion is not the same as the type of bulb you would use in a refractor housing. In a projector housing they work very well, however our bikes do not have that option and anyone asking this question would likely not have the ability to build a projector housing.

    • One big bulb ripoff that I found some years back was the PIAA Extreme White + bulbs. Literally turned the night into day, but $50 a pop and the first one lasted 6 months. Amazingly, PIAA warrantied it and gave me another one, it lasted about 4 months. Put a Silverstar in it and it lasted 4 years until I sold the bike. PIAAs were that cool Beemer blue light, hella bright, but a Mayfly lifespan. ­čśÇ

  4. Thank you for all your input, I appreciate it and will look into the advise given!

  5. If just swapping out the bulb, you find it doesn’t really work that well. Bright…yes but not directed well. LED lamps have very different ways of throwing the light out and directing it. Lamps designed for normal tungsten or halogen bulbs don’t have the correct reflectors. Also ,… some bulbs run HOT. Be careful not to use those in plastic shelled headlamps without a cooling mechanism and heat shields installed also.

  6. LED; I just installed this one by Cyclops: https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/7000-Lumen-H4-LED-Headlight-Bulb_p_169.html
    What a difference. No dispersion issues just a bright white light that helps to see and be seen.

  7. Thank you again… my greatest concern was the ‘running hot’ issue! Certainly a few alternatives to explore now!

  8. Hi Tracey , if U wan2 upgrade 2 LED module, look 4 this kind of design, it is designed 2 beam exactly like H4 halogen lamp. No light dispersion problem. & with LED, it consume less electric, brighter & the heat is dissipated at the back heatsink, unlike halogen where the light beam is hot & will deteriorate the lens cover & reflector in long run.

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