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Hello fellow “Vulcanians” 🙂 I have a question concerning the services. My Vulcan has gotten the 1st service at 1.100Km. They told me to bring my bike for the 2nd service after 1 year (also October 2018) no matter if my bike has 6.000km or not. Is that correct? What is your experience?

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  1. I have had a very similar problem. here in Spain they recommend to make the second revision to the 6000 km. And that’s where the problem comes to me. Kawasaki says that it is not necessary to change the oil until the year and in the workshop that is changed every 5000 km. In the end I changed the oil I like the engine to have fresh oil every so often to avoid long term problems.

  2. Its the other way of saying that you have to ride more often.maybe youre vulcan s is more on the garage than on the road

  3. 1st PMS: 1000kms or 1month
    2nd PMS: 3000kms or 3months
    3rd PMS: 6000kms or 6months
    4th PMS: 9000kms or 9months
    5th PMS: 12000kms or 1year

  4. The first service is at 1000 km . Addicional, you must do a annual service or at 6000 ,12000, 18000 since the beginning, when this km arrive first the year.

  5. Do the service at 6,000, 12,000, 18,000 etc. every 6,000 km’s after the first service. There is no time limited for when you reach these intervals. Some people ride more than others, climate also plays a huge roll.

  6. 1000 6000 12000 18000 these are the kms that you should go to services.

  7. Think now a lot of people said synthetic oil last much much longer. But on small engine not really sure. As long as they keep the warranty ? But warranty on for year?

  8. We were told first service for sure, but after that, it’s okay to do our own, so long as we document everything and only use approved products and parts.

  9. And I tell all of you… there is study in Germany saying that you can keep the same oil for more than 150.000 km without any problem to the motor. Its good to change after 1,000Km because as the motor is still new, particles of aluminum and metal will be found in the oil. There is an oil called “Life time Oil” and you just need to replace the filter, maybe completing oil a bit. Oil change is a way to maintain the dealers and the Oil industry making profit, actually.

  10. I stuck the recommendations in my book …as did my dealer…but then I had mine from new 2015 and the dealer may have leaned towards this as the bike was a bit of an unknown at the time (?) I’m in NZ too so to pretty removed. .. being honest through my first 20,000 kms I could hear at 4000 kms that I wanted to change my oil.

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