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Pretty sure I’m correct, but psi for a 15 Kawasaki Versys 650 should be 33psi front and 36 rear?

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  1. I run Angel Gt’s and have been playing with tire pressure for a month. Right now running 36 psi (cold) front and rear. I think really it depends on riding and tires. Ive read some guys running 42 front 34 rear.

  2. It should say the correct pressures on the swinging arm.

  3. 42 front and 34 rear? ? Good luck in the wet. What a bull dung. Just follow manufacturer’s advice, the tyres are all built to similar standard and designed with these pressures in mind. But I’m sure somebody will be much smarter than a whole horde of engineers and scientists and blow them up like party balloons. Generally riders that do 200 miles per year, only in the dry. Lol.

  4. Who the hell puts 42psi in the front tyre . That’s max on the rear of a full dress tourer like a bmw or goldwing

    • That is plain dangerous. I hope it is a misunderstanding. 42 psi is the rear pressure for a Triumph Rocket III for crying out loud! ???

  5. Anything less than what’s printed on the tire is just a suggestion. The pressures stated by the motorcycle manufacturer will NOT supersede the recommendation of the tire manufacturer Firestone vs. Ford

  6. I didn’t say I was running 42 but one of the forums some one said they ride all highway and that is what they run. Like I said I stay around 36F and 36R. I have ran 34R but tires are $$$$$

    • Over inflation is just as dangerous as under inflation.

    • Whoever suggested that in whatever forum has a few screws loose and knows sweet f… all about bikes and has obviously no feeling for riding whatsoever. If somebody thinks they are smarter than various teams of engineers and want to run slightly different, say by 1 to 2 psi, so be it. Those are small differences and if they feel more confident they will gain more by that then they lose through slight over or under inflation. But 42 in the front is just retarded and dangerous. In the cold and wet your front will wash out so easily that it is a recipe for disaster. Add to that an underinflated rear tyre and your bike will handle like a gelatine pudding in a hurricane. Whoever wrote that should be banned from posting on that forum. Happily very few are so stupid as to believe this kind of “advice”.

    • Florian, it was probably written by some muppet who rides to the nearest coffee shop once a month and spends more time on the internet than riding in the real world.

      The trouble is people will believe idiots like that because they read it on the internet.

    • As often as once per month? Only in a year he (strangely enough women tend not to come up with such stupidities) “rides a lot” ?

    • I have faith in tje vast majority of my fellow bikers and would hope that almost all will just laugh at such nonsense. Also most will.be vocal.enough to set it straight for those that maybe don’t have the experience to judge the value of such suggestions.

  7. As per operation manual it’s 33 front 36 rear for a rider and luggage under 150kg, for two up rear can go up to 42 depending on weight added, I currently run 34 front and 38 rear as I’m a heavy guy and it works well. Most psi gauges will be off by 1 psi so I always try to check pressure on my home one and not compare it to other units.

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