Kawasaki Versys 650 Comfort Gel Seat Low


Does anyone have some experience with the “Kawasaki Versys 650 Comfort Gel Seat Low”?

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  1. Yes I had a gel seat didn’t like it went back to standard one and got a air hawk so much better

  2. No experience with the gel seat but i 100% vouch that the sargent all day seat is well worth the money. Best thing iv bought for my versys by far can out ride the fuel range now were as with stock seat i had to stop every hour

  3. I found it to hard on long rides

  4. Had the low gel seat for an hour courtesy of the dealer, didn’t like it as much too low for a lanky like me. Nw have the standard gel seat, bit better than the OE seat but recently got an air hawk from eBay and first longish ride was to the NEC on Friday. Only 110 miles from me but took 2.5 hours because of accidents etc. But no numb bum plus I had maybe a bit more air in it than I should, so it raised me up about an inch which was great for the lanky arthritic legs and knees. ??

    • Just checked the Airhawk website. Only seats I can find are for BMW’s. Did you buy one of their seat cushions?
      hope I have a cruiser medium, fits perfectly.

  5. I have the Seat Concepts, on my 2012. I’ve not had the bike long, but have done a few 200+ mile days. No complaints, other than what’s to be expected, from my 57 years young backside.

  6. I’ve got a sargent seat on mine can ride a solid 4 hours in bumpy roads before i get slightly sore bummed

  7. I have this sea cant fault it ! lot better than the original. if you do buy one Peter the seat from the early bike fits the later model and its cheaper my bike is a 2015 but the seat is for a 2010

    • So the seats are interchangeable through all the years?

    • my seat on my 2015 is from a 2010 bike i bought it new but i also have a 2010 versys so i checked it would fit first . the only difference is the 2010 seat has 2 metal brackets that are not needed on the 2015 i havent removed them cos it doesnt make any difference . the early seat was cheaper

    • Does the 2010 seat feel/ride any different than the original seat on the 2015?

    • mine is the lower one i like it cos it makes me feel more connected to the bike im 6ft so i dont really need a lower seat . its a lot more comfortable but not as wide on the main part of the seat

  8. I also had problems with stock seat on my ’09. I would become numb in spots you would rather not. I bought a corbin, still not happy. I was looking at new bicycle seats and had a idea. i took the cover off my stock seat and using a steak knife i cut a opening 2 in. wide, 8 inches long and 1 inch deep in center of seat and put cover back on. you cant even tell its been done, but, no more numb areas and its like a new seat. I can ride all day now.

  9. Have the low gel seat on my 2009. No problem with comfort on the seat itself, but legs get a bit more bent and back a bit too upright so it tends to make you round your back on long rides. Thinking about getting a regular seat next seasom

  10. Gotta go Russell Day Long.com

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