Kawasaki KSR 110 vs Honda MSX125 Grom


Kawasaki KSR 110… worthy of consideration or do I wait for a Grom?

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  1. It’s a very good bike with a huge aftermarket support but it’s kinda different from the Grom…your decision buddy.

  2. I would wait for a Grom

  3. Mlnes for sale cbr 125 motor wlth 166 kit

  4. First monkey i had was a ksr with a 143 kitaco kit, its in Norway now far as i know.

  5. yamaha m slaz / xabre 150. much cheaper than the grom.

  6. Depends where youre riding, they are all shit boxes.. sorry

  7. Ark at Brett mind ? so the real debate has now gone from ksr or msx. Two Would you rather ride a shit box of a bike for a mile or wear Brett stupid flip flops for a minute ??


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