Karoo 3 or TKC80


Hey, I have BMW GS and I can't decide. Karoo 3 or TKC80……what would you choose ?

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  1. Depends on where I’m going.

  2. Karoo 3 more hardcore off-road. TKC80 better overall but not long-lasting.
    Depends what you need to do. Maybe even TKC70…

  3. I did HAT 2014 with Karoo…..But found them really slippy in muddy conditions…..I read that TKC behave better on mud….

  4. Definitely Tkc !

  5. Mitas E09 or E10 ????

  6. Karoo worked for me in the dessertu2026.really doesn’t like tarmac tho

  7. nor do i 🙂

  8. Karoo 3, is awesome!

  9. Mitas even better

  10. For Hard Off road riding Mitas E09 rear and Scorpion rally front.

  11. Not hard off road…..Hard Alpi Tour….I did it last year with a Karoo 3 set….rather good…..but I was recently in Italy with some mud…..I found they really lacked traction……wanted to try the TKC…

  12. Mitas E09, good feeling on slippery surfaces….

  13. TKC80 has definitely more self-cleaning capabilities in mud compared to Karoo3. Doesn’t last long, but for sure will cover a single HAT.

  14. Tkc perfect in mud

  15. what would you choose ? Mitas E10… way cheaper and a great tire, rode them offroad and hairpinning around the alps

  16. TKC80, je ne peu mu00eame pas croire que l’on puisse encore se poser cette question

  17. Finalement…en cherchant un peu….il y a du choix sur le marchu00e9…..mu00eame chez Michelin….

  18. Black ones. Round ones. 😉

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