Just pick up my new benelli, went to the gas station filled up


Just pick up my new benelli, went to the gas station filled up ,now wont start . Not even dun 1km . Back to the shop now its in bits ,they are saying its an electronic problem. Gutted to say the least .

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  1. Wheres the fuel cut off switch?

  2. Made it home ,bit happer now thats hope its all fixed now .

  3. Thanks for your advice,they have said it was a spade connection that was bad . Will let you no how it is later when I pick it up …

  4. Just get them to check the clutch switch lol I know it sounds silly but we had a couple come back to us and the clutch switch was not on properly or had been knocked by accident

  5. I had many breakdowns eventually hit 5k miles before dealership took the bike back after a little dispute but they did sort me out so can't nock them but everytime the fuel primer would just stop working cost a fortune in recovery, baught a d tracker klx and never had an issue since, shame as bennelli was a awesome bike, just poor electrical wise

  6. Thanks for your help but just look at my bike now .not what you should have to do with a new bike .

  7. I trailored it home from the dealership and started it at night at home. Went to work on it and it was totally okay 🙂

    Usually no electronic issues as far as I'm aware. There's not much to go wrong. If you've got the standard cap and plug, just push the plug back in as it may have wobbled out a little? That's what I saw on a YouTube video of SpikeyBiker

  8. Daft question but you never nocked the fuel cutoff switch did ya

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