Just installed a set of rzr fox shocks.


Just installed a set of rzr fox shocks. Went in easy. I haven't played with hight adjustments just installed them as bought. Front is sitting nice. The back is sitting fairly low. I'll tighten up the preload to get some hight in the rear.

Question is. Does the rear spring look to be already compressed? I'm worried I'll need to go another inch or so and there wont be much left. Thoughts?

Just installed a set of rzr fox shocks.

Just installed a set of rzr fox shocks.

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  1. Definitely need stiffer springs, or tender springs.

  2. You don’t even have any shaft showing in the rear. I’d say you need some new springs with a higher spring rate.

  3. Aaron Simpson which type of rzr shocks are those

  4. All the preload

  5. Adam Hollett

  6. Are those rzr 800 shocks or 900? I hears 800 shocks were to short and the 900 would work.

  7. If you reduce your preload in the front it’ll be easier to get your approximate ride height in the rear. Lower the front an inch or two below your desired front ride height, then set your rear ride height a half inch higher than desired, then set your front ride height.

    Your front ride height is going to push your rear end down and make you put more preload in the spring than you necessarily need

    I don’t have foxes but that’s how i set ride height on my elkas and found it way easier to do it likethat

  8. Y’all wear me out stock shocks and s3 springs and ur done send it !

  9. Something funny going on with those rear shocks, they don’t look nothing like Brent Carter elkas from a 900 rzr

  10. Now that I’m looking into it. I see other shocks that have a smaller second spring ontop of the bottom spring.

  11. This is rzr900 rear Elka shocks

  12. Rzr900 Elka fronts

  13. Rides like a dream. Amazing how soft the ride is now. Most difference I saw was in the front. Does not buck anymore and can run wide open in the woods if I wanted to. Very impressive

  14. Looks great too.. exactly what I’m wanting.. I just bought a dual spring kit for front & back shocks.
    Hoping that will allow me to set things up properly.

  15. What kind of strap tie downs?

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