Just got a grom. What should my first mod be?


Hello all of you guys! I have just bought a Honda MSX125 Grom. What should my first mod be?

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  1. More miles then decide what it needs!

  2. Fendor eliminator kit – exhaust

  3. She’s got 2,300 miles on her. The motor is already broke in.

    • That’s a good start. Where do you feel there are short comings? Little slow, brakes a bit mushy, too quite, seat uncomfortable, tires suck?

  4. Swap a gy6 in it.

  5. Year?

  6. Put a big dildo on the seat for your gay ass. Someone is probably parting out a gsxr and wouldn’t mind helping.

  7. I recommend replacing the mirrors first. The stock ones are completely worthless.

    • I agree. i see so many with any at all and i always wonder how many times they get pulled for that.
      In Michigan just 1 is needed

  8. Stay away from that japanese garbage 😀

  9. Exhaust , sprockets , bars , seats , tail tidy , flash mounts etc

  10. Change the lame ass seat. (not sure what honduh was thinking) Your bum will go numb after like 30 minures of riding.

  11. I did fender eliminator , front flushmouth signal and 14t front sprocket.

  12. Go for the “BoosterPlug” the AFR will be a little bit richer from 14,5 to 13,6 iit is plug&play, find it on Ebay. Second you can do the air filter mod (you can find it on Youtube) delete the little tube in the air filter box . You will enjoy your bike much more.

  13. First mod should be 5-600 miles, oil change and valve adjustment.

  14. Just bought my new 18 Grom have already ordered TST fender eliminator, new chain, new Core brake line, K&N air filter. Besides being tapped out of Grom Fund money at this point, I think my best bet is to install those and drive it and see what feels right and what doesn’t. I think after this it’s new seat and eventually new exhaust. The exhaust can wait since I don’t need to draw any more attention to myself while I’m learning to drive it, than necessary 😛 I have no desire to mod the engine so that makes it easier….

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