I’ve been having issues with my eyes


Quick question to all you experience bikers. I’ve been having issues with my eyes. Most of the time there tearing up and getting salty which causes my eyes to get very red and itchy. I was thinking of buying some tear drops…any suggestion?

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  1. Get better glasses or goggles

  2. I second the getting better glasses. WileyX makes excellent glasses for riding.

  3. I occasionally have issues itching eyes and very dry. During certain conditions I use a face shield instead of sunglasses. It was especially bad in New Zealand with winds on costal roads.

  4. Yes on the different types of glasses or goggles. Also, if you use any products near your eyes such as sunscreen or anything else, whenever your eyes tear up, the product can migrate into your eyes.

  5. A windshield, and a helmet with a full face shield helps.

  6. Had a friend with that issue and his tear ducts from his eyes were stopped up. It caused the tears to back up around his eyes and irritated them and he felt like he was crying at times. Simple procedure and all was well. It may be worth talking about with an eye doctor

  7. Get wrap around glasses

  8. I stopped wearing my contacts and switched to a better pair of glasses two years ago, makes my riding experience even better.

  9. See an Optometrist!!!

  10. Wiley X glasses help me out and dry eye lube as well. Gotta take care of the eyes for sure.

  11. Rohto ice work’s great

  12. Goggles and allergy meds

  13. if you stab yourself in the eyes with a fork so your eyeball juice runs down your cheeks ,,, problem fixed

  14. Goggles or wraparounds, full face better, OTC dry eye drops and/or allergy drops.

  15. hubby has the same issue….he uses the allergy eye drops by Visine and a good rubber backed sun glasses

  16. I work for optometrists and I ride on a motorcycle. Get some good over the counter artificial tears such as optive or refresh. Can use as much as you like. Find goggles and/or sunglasses that block the wind. No visine. Makes eyes more red. See your optometrist if this dry eye issue persists. Yes excessive tearing is a sign of dry eyes.

  17. Goggle with the foam on the back. A little hot in the summer but really helps keep irritants out of the eyes

  18. Talk to a pharmacist or optometrist..

  19. Wear glasses under helmet , also modular helmet is the best purchase

  20. Happened occasionally to me while traveling. Caused by wind and sunlight. Regular ophtalmic drops from Polysporin or house brands will do the job. If it is a regular problem to you, better consult as Merlin said.

  21. I always carry ophtalmic drops while on a motorcycle trip.

  22. I like the cooling drops! Also get good goggles but finding them is a bit of a crapshoot

  23. I have allergies that that affect my eyes. I tried all the over the counter drops with no luck. My doctor prescribed drops called pat-a-day. They worked wonders. 1 drop each eye and not even wind can bother me

  24. Go with goggles

  25. I have a condition called Dry Eyes and Vision Dry Eye drops were prescribed by my physician. Available at most RX’s.

  26. Visine Eye drops.

  27. I use these when I ride my Magna, as I no longer have a windshield on it. I bought them 2.5 years ago to go over my prescription frames and I love them! They’ve held up very well, just wore them on a ride yesterday. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B001C5O9P4/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1498524739&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=bobster+phoenix+over+the+glass+interchangeable+goggle&dpPl=1&dpID=31RoYHrpdLL&ref=plSrch

  28. Wear goggles, or get a full faced helmet…problem solved.

  29. You can get it at any store,Walmart to Walgreens. I have the same exact problem and my optometrist told me about this stuff. The difference between this and the clear eyes crap is it has a bit of an oil (lubricant) in it. This way it doesn’t just evaluate after a few seconds like regular eye drops do. I keep these all over the place in my motorcycle gear once I forget it or run out. It’s a life saver. Trust me. Goggles definitely help too!

  30. I have the same problem with dry eyes. Totally resolved by taking Thera Tears capsules. As long as I take them regularly I do not need any kind of eyedrops

  31. I have the same problem . My eye Dr said my tear ducts are not working properly . So he gave me drops to put in them . A bottle is about 12 bucks

  32. Bikers don’t cry

  33. Hahaha its more of leaking , not crying . This is what happends when yourn arse gets old .

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