It won’t go over 7k rpms


Just got my new 2002 r1 home it won't go over 7k rpms he did a full open exaust change but did not put a servo eliminator or buddy in it. Will the servo motor being removed cause it to not go over 7k rpms 0-7k lots of power…also has pc3

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  2. To me that’s a simple fix just plug the servo back up and let it do it’s thing to nothing because of course the cables aren’t connected but the ECU will think it’s doing something But if it’s unplugged and there’s nothing there than the ECU is confused. But what do I know I’m just getting into the motorcycle world. But I do have an automotive science degree so I do know a little about electronics and the common principle of how engine management systems works

  3. Might b pc3, i had to unhook mine n put pc5 in

  4. My exup seems fine

  5. No. I have no servo buddy and have no similar issue. I tried to order one, but the place I ordered from emailed me days after I ordered and said they were out of stock so I just said screw it.

  6. I dont have none of that

  7. Its the fucking exup!!!!! I ziptied it open for a quick ride and it stopped turning off at 7k

  8. Making a plate for it now. So glad…. Omg …

  9. Got it fixed servo buddy wired in and now it runs better than my 2001 r1

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