it only starts when I give it a lil gas!


Hello thanks for the add I just picked up a 2012 ktm 350 sxf just have a few questions. #1 it only starts when I give it a lil gas ! Is there anything I can adjust or check? Im new to FI ! And what should I look for and possibly upgrades I should do?!? Thanks btw I got her pretty cheap 😉


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  1. How low is your idle set?

  2. I don’t how to adjust it ???

  3. Do you know where your cold start(~choke) button is?

  4. Yes I know where the cold start button is. It doesn’t idle that low when running I would say it idles at a normal speed when running

  5. Pretty sure idle is on that button also. Do you have a manual?

  6. No but I’ll down load a manual thanks Bill Malec

  7. It’s not odd to have to turn the throttle just a bit on an FI ktm to start especially when cold. I have to do it on the 500 occasionally.

  8. Thanks for all the help

  9. Same here in my 500.

  10. Ok so given a lil gas on start up is normal

  11. Make sure everything is clean, Air Cleaner and Fuel Filter

  12. And with all the computer BS it should start and run/idle with no input. It doesn’t use a choke circuit so their is nothing to adjust, the computer does it all. If it’s not working properly it could be a number of things, Temp sensor, Mass flow sensor, Fuel filter, Air filter…and so on.

  13. No problems here,

    They need a slight turn of the throttle to start, I have a ’14 450 XCF and a ’15 350 SXF both require a slight turn of the throttle.
    Enjoy the 350, they are awesome bikes.

  14. Probably the best thing you could do instead the manual and get to know how to make small adjustments to your bike.

  15. Thanks all

  16. I was told, by the dealer so take with a grain of salt, if the cables are ever adjusted you need to re-map the FI. I’d tightened the throttle cables on my 990R and they did the remap for me. Another thought, run some cleaner through the injectors… There are several products out there for this purpose.

  17. Maybe adjust the throttle position sensor but the mapping??…

  18. Is this on cold start up or all the time?

  19. All the time

  20. Raise the idle. Also, have you checked valve clearance?

  21. I tried raising the idle and that didn’t help and I have not checked valve clearance yet I just got the bike

  22. BELIEVE ME, it’s the nature of the beast. The SXF is a hi-performance racing machine. A Prius starts without touching the gas pedal. A top fuel dragster won’t!!!
    Same principle.

    Don’t create a problem where there isn’t one.

  23. Nice bike…hang on

  24. if it runs good after it starts don’t mess with it don’t try to fix something that’s not broke !

  25. Nice bike by the way.

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