Is there a way to adjust the OEM steering damper?


2 Questions:
-Having a hard time getting the front end up. Just switched over to a -1/+2 520 set up. Any tutorials out there specifically on a 08+ CBR1000RR?
-Is there a way to adjust the OEM steering damper?

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  1. Getting the front end up as in wheelies?

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  3. Well I am assuming he is talking about wheelies. That bike is more than capable of doing clutch ups and power ups without having to gear it or convert chain and sprockets. No offense but… Stop being a pussy and whack that throttle. I had an 07 and I could pop them up in 4th. Took some work but it’s possible.

  4. Bro, just slip the clutch at 6k rpm. My 06 did it at 5k with a -1/+2

  5. This may sound like a dick thing to say, bit of you don’t know how to get the front end up on a 1000cc superbike perhaps you’ve got no business even trying it. I promise you’ll wreck yourself and your bike within a month.

  6. The R6 enjoyed it, but the CBR likes to stay down for some reason, it’s just got no torque in the lower end under 8. (not to mention i removed some exhaust packing so now it’s got even less low end)… I don’t wanna ring the damn thing to near redline and get a big surprise

  7. But then again, fuck it, some rear brake should solve any surprises

  8. 2nd gear bounce ups are pretty easy, cruise around 7k rpm, let off throttle, weight to front, throw weight back as you snap on the throttle. Should come right up. It takes a little practice but more predictable than clutch up

  9. When i clutch it i know exactly how fast itll come up, when i do 2nd gear power ones theyre not consistent at all

  10. 2nd gear 35-45 mph. Scoot your ass back and keep your shoulders back, clutch it and itll come up. As soon as it does tap the rear brake to bring it down. Get used to using the rear brake as itll save your ass later. Don’t worry about balance point off the rip just get used to getting it up

  11. What everyone else said…. bike comes up easy in 1-3rd stock lol I’m stretched and I can still power wheelie 1-2nd if I wanted to….I’ve had -1/ stock
    Currently running stock up front +2 in the rear

  12. Sit back on the seat, tap the rear brake to compress the front suspension and as it is rebounding clutch it up. Test in 2nd and see where you can get, good luck!

  13. My 08 would power the front up just fine.. 2nd gear and rip the throttle and it came right up. My zx10 won’t do that.

  14. I’m ripping it in 2nd but it just bogs, probably a shit PC map for 1, what speeds were you looking at? I was trying at around 40-45

  15. I never looked at speed.. I just sort of felt it. But I had mine dyno tuned and it was via the ecu. If you want more power do an ecu flash it should come up just fine. I’m on the heavier side and mine still came up.

  16. I can bring mine up in 4th with the -1 +2 no clutch needed. Just twist it wide open around 7-9k and it will lift. Second gear is effortless power up just a quick hit of the throttle will bring it up.

  17. I have had same issues, i can get the wheel up but keeping it yhere is tricky, today i was riding home with 3 big bottles ot beer in my bag and popped one up in 3rd and rode it out like a dream, its all about weight placemnet mate and overcoming the instinct to lay it back down too quick

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