Is there a remedy for moisture buildup on glasses while riding in fog?


Is there a remedy for moisture buildup on glasses while riding in fog? I live in OR and it’s a common problem 9 mo. out of the year. I end up taking them off when visibility is cut to 50% and riding with unprotected eyes makes me nervous! Rain-X doesn’t work.

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  1. I use this wax that I put on my ski goggles… Can't remember the name… Something like cat wax. Google ski goggle wax….

  2. Dremel a tiny hole through a lens.

  3. Anti-fogging spray for camera lenses seems to work. We don't have a lot of fog so I don't get a lot of opportunities with my glasses. ..but I use it on my camera.

  4. Cat Crap is the way to go. It's sold online or at most ski shops.

  5. scuba shops have anti fog solutions

  6. It's more actual moisture buildup than fog. so much it starts running down the lenses. I need mini-wipers!

  7. Same as scuba diving, spit!

  8. Living in Western, WA I have the same issue. So far it sounds like there isn't anything that really works. ­čÖé

  9. They sell frames that you can have made with your prescription that have all the vent holes and coatings you would need. Bit it costs a bit. Optometrist

  10. Once over with toothpaste and then spit each time??

  11. Just use some anti-dandruff shampoo or shaving cream and buff it around your glasses anti-fog spray is pretty expensive but does the same job.. Hope this helps you out mate!

  12. From what I gather, you are talking more about a coating of mist from riding through fog than lens fogging from temperature changes, and I don't think the anti-fogging solutions will help you much with mist or rain. I just wipe my lens with the back of my glove or take my glasses off. Maybe something like Rain-x would work – I've not tried it.

  13. Try an anti-fogging spray that is used on ski goggles.

  14. Best scuba drops I've ever used were in Hawaii called Sea Drops. Another option is a visor. They're made for cross country skiers and ice climbers…, mine was made in Italy.

  15. have the same problem with high humidity in florida. have heard gel tooth paste works – may try it now

  16. Easy remedy. Draw on Glasses with a wax candle. Buff to clean. No more Fogging

  17. I pull the glasses further away from my face. Of course I have a VERY significant nose bridge to facilitate that.

  18. Spit and rub it in real well.

  19. It's not fog so much, it's an accumulation of water droplets.

  20. I live in Washington so I understand how you feel. I remove them when they fog up and put them back on when I can.

  21. RainX and not from the big spray bottle for cleaning car windows. The small bottle of straight solution. Or use tooth paste (not gel). You will need to reapply periodically but both work.

  22. dont they make peel away like motocross guys use. I have one eye and ive tried everything everyone said to use but its just wipe or dont use them ware a cool lace armstrong hat

  23. 3m makes what u want

  24. Your doing rain x wrong then, worked 20 years in very rainy Tacoma

  25. You can get a coating from opticians that works better than any aftermarket treatments. Not sure on name….. maybe clear view??

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